Dreams About Kissing Someone

Dreams can be great fun, and dreams about kissing someone normally fall into that category (unless you really didn’t want that kiss!). Analysing the significance of the kiss will rely on a multitude of factors, including your current relationship with the person in question.

dreams about kissing someone

Dreams About Kissing Someone

Dreams of kissing someone may also indicate you are going to form a lasting bond or connection with someone. Dreams of kissing someone may carry positive meanings, and can be representative of your joy and contentment in life. If the person you are kissing in your dreams is someone you know, then dreams of kissing can represent your love and care for the person in your wake life.

Seeing others kissing in the dream suggests you are overly involved with another persons life and relationships. If you are dreaming of being in the company of a guy or girl that you do not feel a particular attraction for, alternatively, you dislike this person either in waking life or dreaming, it may suggest you are about to tolerate an unjust, demanding, controlling, manipulative situation. Dreaming that you are seeing someone else kissing can indicate that different aspects of your personality are working together, or that different areas of your life are supporting one another.

The Nature Of The Dream Kiss

Dreams of kissing could stand for feelings of intimacy and developing a close relationship between you and another person. You should also be aware that kissing dreams do not always signify a problem in the relationship, kissing could also signify an intense affection between two people, such as friends. If you kissed someone that you knew and liked, then this dream means you are maintaining good relations with somebody; this dream is also confirmation, if anything, that there is healthy relations between the two people.

To dream that you passionately kissed someone you know, the dream means that you are living a life which could not possibly be making you happy. It is a sign that your life is not worth living if, in a dream, you find yourself passionately kissing a familiar face.

dreams about kissing

A French Kiss?

If you are kissing a person who you think of as your nemesis, this type of dream is actually a good sign, suggesting you have finally reached compromise with this person. If you were kissing your enemy, this means someone you are friends with is going to cheat on you in the near future. Dreaming about kissing a deceased person is connected with your inner longing to be with the person in real life.

When you dream that you are giving your friends goodbye kiss, it is very possible the dream represents a real-life situation where you and the friend are going their separate ways. If you dream of kissing a close friend, this type of dream typically represents that you have a sense of respect, even admiration, for the person. If you dreamed of kissing someone on the cheek, such a dream may indicate your friendship, respect, or even admiration for this person.

The Scenario Dream Explanation

The scenario could mean someone feels similarly toward you, should someone kiss you on the cheek in your dreams. If you have dreams of someone trying to kiss you against your will, then this type of dream could mean that someone is possibly forcing you into doing something that you did not want. If you have dreamed that someone is trying to kiss you against your will, that means somebody is really trying to control your life. Following the interpretation above, if you dreamed of someone you hate trying to kiss you, and you push the person away or resist in some way, that means that you are refusing to do something someone is forcing you to do.

If you dream of your partner lovingly kissing another person, it means that your unconscious mind is warning you of possible future emotional frustration. Dreaming of your crush making out with you is your subconscious saying you would like to make out with your crush in real life.

dreams about kissing

Romantic Relationships And Dream Kissing

Dreaming of wanting to make out is a sign that you want to work out your misconceptions with the person. Your crush being the subject of fantasy in a kiss dream does not necessarily mean you want to hook up with them in real life. If the kiss is with someone who is unattractive, then your dreams are telling you good changes are coming to your life.

If in a dream, you see yourself making sexual advances towards someone, this scenario is symbolic of suppressed or unfulfilled desires. This type of dream can also represent a desire you have for an intense, physical relationship with a partner or with a person who is attracted to you in your wake life. Sometimes, this dream can even indicate you are in love with that friend, but most often, this dream has no romantic significance. If, however, you have a dream about sharing an intense lovers kiss with your friend, this means you may harbor hidden romantic feelings towards that friend.

Passionate Kisses In Unusual Places

If another person in the dream gave you a foot or a leg kiss, it indicates you are held in high regard and adored by your peers. Seeing someone else kiss may indicate putting your nose into someone elses business way too much.

Dreaming about someone kissing your spouses lips means losing their respect, so you should watch out for anyrash behavior. To dream of kissing another on the lips indicates you are going to have better communications in your life, this could mean that you are waiting for someone to reply or you are looking forward to hearing some important news at work.

In general, dreams about being kissed by another person represent the states of love, harmony, attachment, and contentment in the real world. In the larger sense, dreams about being kissed by celebrities indicate a desire to master the skills with which you are associated.


The manner in which a kiss is performed may be indicative of a dreamers motives, ambitions, confidence, willingness, and courage. According to Sigmund Freuds theories, which suggest that dreams reflect repressed desires in a dreamer, a kiss within a dream scenario may represent hidden emotions that a dreamer feels towards the person within him/herself.

If someone plants a kiss on your rear end in the dream, it indicates you may have been lulled into a false sense of security. Such a dream may indicate that you are craving an emotional, intimate intimacy you may lack in your relationships in real life.

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