Dreams About Infidelity: Are They Something To Worry About?

Dreaming about infidelity may be truly nightmarish for many, particularly if this is an area where you feel vulnerable in waking life.  However if you dream about yourself being the unfaithful one, perhaps there is more here to explore.

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Dreams About Infidelity

In this scenario, a dream serves as a message from your unconscious mind, saying youave been feeling a little lonely or rejected, or your relationships are not balanced at this time. Sometimes, an infidelity dream happens to someone who has been unfaithful towards his/her partner/spouse, and in those cases, the dream is the result of his/her feeling guilty about cheating against his/her partner/spouse. On one hand, dreams of your parents being unfaithful may indicate the desire to bond with one of your parents, depending on whom you are betraying in the dream. One common reason to dream of infidelity is the person has been cheated on before by a partner or spouse.

The scenarios can certainly vary, and the person can even have dreams of being tricked, or can dream about betraying their partner/spouse. If a dream is of you being in a cheating situation with someone you are in a steady relationship with, and you are not physically attracted to, this may indicate they possess qualities you would like to see your partner possess. If you are in a relationship in which you are feeling uncertain; about what you mean to your partner, about their commitment to making the relationship work, and any number of other things, then you might find that you have dreams of cheating on your spouse.

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Wife Infidelity Dreams

You might have even experienced dreams in which your partner is the one who is doing the cheating, which, not coincidentally, points towards feeling insecure about your relationship IRL. While it might be a little hard to swallow, having dreams of your spouse/partner cheating could be an indication that something needs some fixing in the relationship.

Dreams of infidelity by a partner may also indicate that there are trust issues you need to work on, which are not related to the partner. When you dream about your partner cheating on you, it can also be a reflection on how stagnant your relationship has become, or that you may have been fighting frequently recently.

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Husband Infidelity Dreams

Being cheating in your dreams often feels so real you will go out of your way to accuse your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other of doing so. If you are wondering what a infidelity-and-friends dream means, rest assured: Your partner is not cheating on you with your best friend. Even if you know that your sex thoughts are not off-limits to your partner, and that you never would actually cheat, having a sex dream about someone else may leave you feeling that there is something seriously wrong in your relationship. Whereas dreams in which you cheated on your partner makes you wonder whether the relationship has lost all luster, or whether you are now in love with someone else.

Many times, dreams of your partner cheating on their ex may indicate that you are extremely angry at your partner and wish to somehow punish them. If you are having a dream of cheating while on the verge of making a big decision in your life with your partner (like getting married to them or moving cross-country), you might want to pay closer attention to the feelings that are present in your dream. If you are having dreams of being unfaithful to your girlfriend or boyfriend, or being unfaithful to your husband or wife, take a step back and interpret the symbolism before driving yourself crazy with guilt or blaming your spouse or partner for being unfaithful.

Toward Infidelity

Dreams of your spouse cheating on you may be interpreted as some sort of worry that you are having about him or her, but also a sort of concern for your personal faith (am I morally strong enough?). Feelings of uncertainty or guilt toward a friend, a superior, or a family member may appear in the dream as cheating on your partner. For someone who is in a romantic relationship, waking up to realize that you had a dream of cheating, or being cheating, can be alarming, and it triggers quiet feelings of uncertainty in the relationship. Dreams about cheating may represent unacknowledged fears about overlooking your relationship for financial or work concerns, and vice versa: being cheated on by your partner may represent feelings of abandonment from your partner, because he/she is more focused on other aspects of life.

Dreams that your partner is having an affair behind yous back represent distrust in others, in addition to vulnerability. Obviously, just having a simple dream of an affair does not mean that your relationship will break up, but the reaction you take to it may be stressful: getting angry just because you had a dream of your partner cheating is a quick way to upset him or her without reason. Having a dream about your partner cheating on you and being extremely sexual may also mean you feel like you are being taken for granted in a relationship, and that you are not getting the attention that you deserve in a relationship. If you have ever had the dream of your partner going out with you and a few friends for a double date (and things getting out of hand from there), that could mean that, in the back of your mind, you feel like something has broken in the relationship.

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Vivid And Disturbing Dreams

These dreams are often dreams that are so vivid they leave you upset, even if your partner did not really cheat. If your sex life isn’t on point, or your relationships are taking a toll on you emotionally, dreams like this will occur. When you are in a relationship, sexual dreams can become turbulent, as they do not always involve your partner playing a leading role. If you were a cheater in an earlier relationship, or in several relationships prior to that, then you may experience these dreams.

For instance, if you cheat on your partner with a superior, the dream may indicate a desire for control, power, and authority. The same goes for a dream where your partner is playing the game with you–it all depends on your life experiences and associations with cheating. Often, the cheating dream is the result of guilt conscience, and a persons inability to deal with the fact that he or she has committed adultery.


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