Dreams About Hands

Dreaming about hands can be an odd experience. Hands don’t often feature in discussions about dreams, and may seem an unlikely symbolic inclusion in dreams, yet when your dream focus’ on them you will now. Here’s what your dream about hands may mean for you…

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Dreams About Hands

To dream about your hands, it represents how you relate to the people around you, how you relate to the world. Dreaming of your hands represents something about your relationship with the things around you, particularly the working environment. When you dream of holding hands, it is the emotions that you associate with that person that define its spiritual significance.

Dreaming that you are holding hands with someone represents love, attachment, and a bond to the individual. For instance, in the version of the dream in which you are seen holding hands with someone, it is likely that this dream came about as a reflection of the love that you feel toward that person (or, in some cases, toward something).

Dreaming about holding or touching hands with someone is generally an indication of romantic feelings towards the person, or love generally, however, the dream interpretation suggests it depends on the way in which you are holding hands. Ultimately, the dream definitely suggests you need to be aware of signs in front of you, and it could relate to any part of your life — love (in a version of a dream in which you are holding hands with someone, this is reflecting your love for that person in real life).

Holding Hands Dream

If you are having a dream where someone is holding your right arm softly, this indicates that you are going to hang around a lot, not because of love, but because of a friendship with this person. If you have a dream where you are holding your right hand strongly, that represents the feelings you have of love and attachment to that other person. If you experience a dream of your left hand, the dream represents how you approach things in life, or your personality. Dreaming about having no left and right hands indicates you are going to face difficulties, but will get no help.

If you dream of amputated hands, you may have an argument with a partner. To dream that you saw the hand making various signs suggests you may be breaking up with your loved one. In Western traditions, dirty hands seen in dreams mean a relative or person near you is in danger, whereas clean hands mean you will resolve an issue in real life that has caused you a lot of problems.

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Washing Hands

If you dreamed about washing your hands, but could not get any dirt off, that may be the interpretation, or that soon you will be forced to do something that is not in your nature. If you have dreamed of washing your hands, this means that you are experiencing feelings of guilt, and that you are trying to make up for, and put an end to, whatever is going wrong in your life. It is not sure if the Biblical significance of washing hands in dreams is always to indicate good dreams, it may sometimes also appear as a form of warning, inspiration, of problems coming to you.

In some cases, if you dream about someone washing your hands, that indicates such person does not want you to finish life with a stigma. Perhaps if you dream of shaking hands with someone, that means you are about to make a good decision that benefits both you and the people around you. Shaking hands in dreams is a positive symbol of a certain arrangement, a personal bond, and an honor related to the people in your life. Dreaming of shaking hands suggests you reached a deal with someone on something.

Big Hands And Small Hands

Dreaming of your boss holding hands suggests a psychology of wanting to build a good rapport with your boss, and wanting to get along with and develop together with him or her in the real world. If you had a dream where you felt loved and worshipped by the hands, that means that there are many men out there that would like to have you as a partner.

Dreaming about golden or gold-plated hands means you would be doing something your entire surroundings will admire. The dream of holding hands means that, if the hands in your dreams are in good condition, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of good fortune in all areas of your life, including work, school, money, love, etc. You will have health, love life, and financial stability, as pretty hands are the symbols of a positive life and high accomplishments.

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Beautiful Hands Meaning

It is crucial that you realize your courageous actions will lead you to good fortune, as the dreams of holding hands are about taking advantage of opportunities rather than romanticism.

These dreams usually represent power, energy, connection, and love; with whomever you are holding hands. This dream may symbolize emotional instability, dread to enter into relationships, and a lack of self-confidence. The dream may mean a close relationship that you are having is going to be affected in the foreseeable future.

The Chopped Hand

Your dreams may also reflect concern that you are losing contact with someone, or you are moving away. This dream could indicate you are going to begin a relationship with someone too jealous, so you will want to tread carefully. The dream about saying good-bye by waving a hand indicates you are approaching a breakup, which would worry you.

For instance, holding hands loosely and fondly symbolizes love, but interpreting a dream by holding hands tight may indicate you are afraid to lose someone, or that you feel that they may drift away from you if you do not hold onto them tightly.

Christian And Biblical Dream Symbolism

In some dreams, or as stated in the Bible, symbolic meaning may indicate a person reaching out their hands in order to receive prayers. As you could see, there are countless ways in which one might dream about hands, and a large proportion are connected with the metaphorical meaning of giving ones hands, such as helping others.

Right hands in dreams are highly positive symbols associated with the good or the right way, and this symbol reflects the right-hand man, or Gods right-hand, in metaphorical terms; right hands are considered as strong and powerful. Often, left hands in our dreams are symbols of passivity, of things hidden from awareness, or unclean actions.

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