Dreams About Flying: Fun or Not?

Flying dreams are often the kind of dreams people like. Feelings of freedom, escape, and rising above all of the world’s problem are some of the feelings people describe. But perhaps flying dreams are about more than that – perhaps there’s something deeper at play.

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Dream About Flying

Maybe the dream of flying indicates that you have gained a few new, better perspectives about something or some situation in your life. Dreams about flying down and being able to look at the world from a completely new angle may be a method for your mind to deal with the struggles.

Dreaming about flying can also suggest you are inclined to take risks and explore your possibilities. One things for sure, however – dreaming of flying may allow you to feel liberated in ways waking up does not always let us. Dreaming of flying through life as a bird brings you into the spotlight on your own personal freedom, in addition to being a free spirit. The sense of freedom that we can experience when dreaming about flying sometimes ties into the sense of escapism.

Flying Dream Meanings

Flying in dreams may stand for many things, but a sense of real freedom is one of the more commonly expressed feelings. Dreaming about flying, and being able to control your own flying, is a representation of your personal feeling of empowerment. Flying dreams are often metaphors related to your personal freedom, control, and subconscious abilities you have. Flying dreams are classified as lucid dreams, occurring when you are aware you are dreaming, but can still take control of what is happening.

Whether your flying dreams are lucid or not, all dreams are subjective, and really depends on who you are and what is going on in your life, when it comes to interpreting those nighttime visions. Negative flying dreams are about lack of control in situations, emotional euphoria, anxiety and fear, and certain inevitable practical difficulties of your wakeful life. Like dreams about crashing airplanes, flying dreams can be both positively and negatively significant depending on the circumstances of your life during the dreaming hours.

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Flying Dream Themes

Usually, flying dreams are described as positive, exciting experiences, but if you experience fear when flying, then this suggests you are scared about new challenges and about success. If your dream self feels anxiety, not being able to enjoy the feeling of flying, something less positive might be going on. Some people also have experienced flying dreams in which the overwhelming feelings are those of anxiety or fear.

If you are trying to continue flying in this dream, and are not able to, this is a negative sign, and represents that you are struggling to achieve freedom in a situation where you need it. If you were unable to easily fly in the dream, such a dream may represent the fact that you lack the ability to control certain situations in your life. If you dreamed of flying right over the earth, such a dream could indicate that there are obstacles that you are facing, or that there is something that is holding you back, or that is stopping you from reaching certain goals.

Dream Flight

If you dreamed of flying that lasts for an extended period, such a dream may indicate underlying feelings of uncertainty or skepticism in making changes that will make a difference in your life. Dreams of wanting to fly, but failing, might suggest you recently suffered from too much stress in your life or at work, leaving you feeling somewhat winded. Dreaming of flying can indicate that in the near future, you will be able to successfully break free of all kinds of obstacles and limitations, and that there is a much clearer path ahead, and thus, you will go farther down your current path of life, achieving greater things.

This dream is expected to be a positive one, and if you willingly decide to fly, it indicates there are a lot of unseen opportunities on the horizon. If in the dream you were able to freely fly and travel wherever you wanted to go, this indicates that events will be positive throughout your home life as a result of your downfall.

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Does Flying On An Airplane Dream Count?

Flying on an airplane is a very positive dream symbol which brings you to the point of controlling your next destination. Dreaming about flying on wings is a symbol of feeling free and free, as well as feeling as though you could fly into new heights. Dreams about flying into the heavens represent a powerful desire you have for freedom, and that you want to mold your own life according to your own spiritual quest; if you are at a stage of growth, dreams of flying reflect physiologic phenomena that are associated with growing up.

Dreaming of flying may represent your freedom, creativity, and the possibility to live a life free from constraints. Flying high in dreams is a sign of a high confidence level, while flying at lower altitudes indicates that you are content in your current position in life.

Flying Machine Dreams

Ideally, the higher in the sky you are taken by your dreams, the more excited and happy you feel. If you like this type of dream, admiring the landscape below you, this type of dream is a good sign, it indicates that you are in control of your life or certain situations. If you had such a dream, this is generally a good sign, indicating that you are going to come up with the solution to a problem that you are currently experiencing in your life.

Whenever you have dreams of flying, this means that you had a break in waking life, in which you have successfully fled a problem. When you dream about flying and getting stuck on a rope, it means feeling trapped and caught up in problems from waking life from which escape seems hard. When you dream of trying to fly, but not being able to get off the ground, it means that you have obstacles in waking life preventing you from flying higher. If you are flying around and you notice the birds-eye view, this is a common theme in flying dreams, and indicates that you are trying to get perspective about your real fate, and trying to create a plan for how you will get out of a tough situation.

Where Are You Flying To?

The direction you are flying in your dreams will often help to make clear the significance of the experience. Next time you experience a flying-related dream, notice not just the physical movements, but your emotional state when you wake up, so that you can better grasp the message the experience is trying to convey.

Dreaming of flying also means to escape and ignore the stresses of your real-life, to find some relief in taking flight; it is symbolic to escape things. Outer space also means getting away from reality, and thus flying means getting away from and avoiding the troubles of your real life.

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