Dreams About Escape And Running Away

Escape or ‘escapism’ is a common modern preoccupation, taking the form of many things, including fantasy worlds, games, imaginary selves, fiction novels or any number of other manifestations. The question is, what are we escaping from? Analysing your dreams of escape or running away may help you gain a measure of personal insight.

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Dream About Escape

Dreams of running away from something or someone unpleasant may be indicative of a desire you have to run away from something actual in your actual life. If you are having dreams of escape generally, it may indicate you are overloaded with problems in your life, and just want to get away from everything and everyone. If you have dreamed of running away from people or from someone that you know really well, then this means you are trying to avoid accountability.

Dreaming of someone trying to run away from you represents feelings of people getting away from you, or problems potentially getting out of hand. To dream of someone escaping indicates you are going to rid yourself of problems, but to do so, you have to put in the effort. If you dream of someone running away from you, this dream may indicate that you want to make it with somebody in your life, but it does not feel like it is possible right now. If you dreamed of trying to get away from someone who was taking you, such a dream may represent certain problems that you are trying to resolve no matter what it takes.

Escape And The Unconscious Mind

Dreams of trying to get away from a certain situation, or running away from some room or item, may represent a desire you have to make changes to something in your life. Dreams of trying to escape from a situation or a room may indicate your eagerness or despair in changing the circumstances in your waking life. When this symbol is present in your dreams, it also usually means you are anxious or desperate to change your present life or living circumstances.

If you are having dreams of being unable to escape from a certain situation or person, this type of dream may mean being forced into something and feeling really bad because of it. The object or person that you are running away from in the dream Your dream may symbolize feeling powerless over something, or it may symbolize your uncertainty.

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Dream Escape From A House

You need to take a look at what is going on in your life awake to understand what your dreams of being trapped means for your own unique circumstances. Having a dream about being trapped and trying to break free shows your subconscious is aware there is an issue. Dreams of trying to escape from the house are symbols for your ability to shift between the physical, material world of life and the emotional, suppressed world of your subconscious.

Sometimes, dreams of trying to escape a house are metaphors for aspects of you that are not developed, aspects that you are overlooking, or refusing to face. A dream involving escaping from death means you felt trapped, and a positive ending is coming for the challenging situation. Escaping from negative experiences in a dream that involves you being shown to have been a child means you have been feeling pretty sensitive recently. Dreaming of running away from a monster that you cannot see means you are feeling threatened, endangered, and vulnerable in real life.

Black Dreams Of Capture

Dreams where you are captured, seriously injured, or disabled in some possible way, means you have no escape from some sort of harm in reality. If you tried to run away from someone in a dream, that means in real life, they would ruin your reputation. If you feel that somebody is running away from you, it means you are going to meet a traitor, or be the victim of treachery.

Dreaming about running away from mobs means you are afraid people in your surroundings will judge you for certain actions of yours. Dreaming of running away from police means you may stumble into a lie about yourself, sometime in the near future. If you dream about climbing a ladder to get away, it means that you would not be successful at making your plans.

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Daily Life Outside The Box

You need to think out of the box and make bold decisions if you want to break free from the real-life trap. If you can pull off an escape into the dream, then you better revisit your life, making changes as necessary.

Dreaming of an escape may also mean you will find true love and break free from the chains of loneliness in short order. If you manage to run away from anything from which you are running, then this type of dream is a great sign, indicating that you are capable of running away without harm from any hazards or problems. Dreams of escaping may indicate a lot of things depending on other symbols in the dream and the general situation that we are dreaming of.

If you are dreaming of running away from a room or an enclosed space, it is an indication you are breaking free from a limiting situation in your life. This type of dream may come about as a result of being trapped in an underground grave, or may come about as a result of being trapped in a hostage situation. Another common interpretation for this dream is feeling helpless to do anything, or make changes. You may be dreaming about trying to find a way out of some situation, which is an expression of the way in which you are trying to make similar changes in your everyday life.

What Are You Escaping?

Dreams about escaping usually reflect our conscious or unconscious need to escape from something in real life, or get rid of oppressive, negative thoughts. If we are feeling threatened or unsafe in real life, we are likely to dream about running away from dangerous situations. Dreams of running away from police are like dreams where you escape people you know and a feeling of guilt, except that these dreams are more immediate. Dreams of running away from people you know, like friends, parents, teachers, bosses, or any other familiar faces, can also reflect your feelings of guilt and unwillingness to face up to that. Running away from someone in a dream may represent your need to really approach the thing or person from whom you are running.

If you are dreaming of running away from someone unknown, that means that you are either really in danger, or could be, but it also means you are going to run away successfully, or you are going to keep your distance. If you dream about running away at first, and then stopping to meet the pursuers face-to-face, it means that you will manage all problems, and handle any tough situations with dignity. Whatever the precise circumstances, the overall feeling is that you are trapped, and trying to get out. Interpretations of these dreams are dependent upon the context they occur within, as well as on details or feelings which occur afterward.

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