Dreams About Death And Dying

Are you dreaming about death or dying? Such dreams are potentially powerful portents, and as the symbol implies, they have strong implications for your waking life.

dreams about death

Dreaming About Death

Dreams of death can take on positive significance, as the majority of people view deaths in dreams as benevolent spirits, as well as signs of prosperity and good fortune. Dreaming of the death of a relative and friend means he/she will be healthier and will have a longer life. If you love someone and you see this person dying in the dream, that means that you are worried for the safety of that person in waking life.

Dreaming of your surviving parents dying indicates that you are going through significant changes in your waking life. The spiritual significance of a death-related dream indicates that some kind of change or ending is likely occurring in your life. Generally, dreams about the death of someone mean your feelings about someone are dying, or there is some major change/loss happening to your relationship with that person.

Dreaming Beyond Death

If you are dreaming of someone who has died recently, then this means their death is still fresh in your mind. If you dream of someone else dying, or simply of death itself, it may mean you are on the verge of ending something, and are at the brink of starting something new. If you dream of fake dying, it suggests you are taking over your life and making a new beginning. This dream also indicates that the dreamer is going to go through a few changes in their lives, so take heart and be prepared for what is best.

The dream may also indicate that ones friendship is going through changes, or one wishes to become more independent from ones friends. Dreaming is an attempt to express how much you want to be able to remove the person you know from your life by any means possible. Most often, dreams may be trying to indicate a strong connection that you have with someone you love, and the fear that you will lose them out of your life at some point.


A Dreaming Death

According to dream experts, the meaning behind a death-by-dreaming experience depends on the context of the dream and what was going on in your life at the time that you had the dream. Your personal experiences with death and the meanings you attach to them (as well as what you believe happens when someone dies) will all play a part in understanding the symbolism of death in your dreams.

If death in a dream of death is due to apocalypse, then this definitely means that there is uncertainty about something in your life. Generally speaking, dreams of death are probably a sign you are going through a time of change, but this is where to go a step further with the interpretation of this kind of dream, depending on the details. While most dreams of death are about the finality of lifes transformation, your dreams details may shed light on how you are dealing with this transition.

Death And Dying Dreams

If you are experiencing lots of changes, growth, and evolution that are relevant to the person you are, you may have more of a chance to dream of your own death. Death dreams may open your eyes and allow you to better relate with the people in your dreams, as you are reminded that life is valuable, and you never know when you may lose it. If there is a person in your life who is either terminally ill or has passed away, then it is no surprise to have death in the back of your mind and more frequently in your dreams. People nearing their own deaths, those witnessing someone close to their own deaths, or those witnessing someone dying are also more susceptible to having dreams about death.

The importance of knowing that dreams of someone dying do not always mean that they are going to die. When you are dreaming of physical death, it is important to remember that this is not a literal thing – meaning, that dreaming of attending your friends funeral is not a sign that the person closest to you is going to die soon.

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Death Awareness And Funerals

If your dreams involve attending a funeral for your physical death, that means that you are losing a facet of yourself, or a long-standing situation is coming to an end. If you are dreaming about someone who died long ago, then it suggests a situation or a relationship currently going on in your life is similar in quality to that deceased individual. Dreaming about the death of a loved one may indicate you are fearful that you will lose something important or valuable. Dreaming about your own death may mean you are going through a big life change.

Such dreams may be part of a grieving process, or reflect that you are missing the person no longer in your life. You had the usual death-related dream – but it was not likely about your best friend, nor was it a literal death. While not likely fatal, dreams about your own death can be an eerie, distressing experience,A and itas only natural to wonder what would happen to you if you died in a dream.

Mortal Dreams

While death is, in reality, the end of life, for your subconscious dreaming mind, death is the end of life as you now know it. Death is such a common dream because it is connected with a very common experience of change, closure, and release from life. Fortunately, dreams of death and dying are not typically the type of precognitive dreams that anticipate the future–death is often merely symbolic in a dream–often signaling a change. That dream of a friends funeral might mean there are qualities in the friend you are becoming aware of, and you subconsciously know are not healthy matches for you – this is not a friend who has died, it is the death of a bad habit.

Last, but certainly not least, dreams can also indicate you are afraid you will lose a loved one to an illness, as they recently went into hospital. Dreams can indicate that you are feeling scared or anxious about the situation in your waking life, or things feel uncertain. Whether it is your death, or the death of someone else, it is likely that your dreams are actually related to an unresolved problem.

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