Dreams About Birds: What Do They Mean?

Dreams about birds can be very pleasant, and may herald great things in your life or near future, but not all birds are a welcome sign.  Bird dreams can also carry connotations associated with witchcraft, and not the Harry Potter kind.

bird dreams

Pay attention to the details of the birds in your dreams and read on to learn what they could mean.

Bird Dreams

The symbolic meanings behind dreams of young birds may vary greatly depending on your individual interpretation. Generally, dreaming of birds symbolises being friendly and loving, though birds have other meanings as well, such as your own subconsciousness and identity.

Birds chirping or singing, or birds flying freely in your dreams, symbolize joy, harmony, balance, and love. It is also believed that dreams associated with birds represent your spiritual wellbeing, connections, and messages from the spirit. In the dream lore, birds signify the direction that we are headed in life, as well as spiritual powers, relating to the fact that birds are flying high up in the sky.

A Good Omen

Symbolically, birds are messengers from God or presence of angels in our lives, therefore dreams where birds landed on you can have a lot of meaning as they are usually connected with our feelings. In our dreams of birds, we are filled with feelings of wonder and hope that are consumed as we gaze upon the birds flying skywards in real life. Dreams about flying birds may also mean moments of joy, emotional poise, and harmony will be part of your life.

A Bird Flock

Dreams of birds, or a flock of birds, landing on you or all around you, may symbolise that your fortunes will turn out positive in matters involving money, and plans will emerge of wonderful things to come in the days ahead. Seeing the birds rise up in your dreams indicates that you have gonna have lots of opportunities in life.

If a flock of birds are seen in the dream, this usually means you have limitless opportunities and freedom of choice, something which will assist you in your life after waking. The meaning of the birds in the free-flowing dream, particularly if they are flying, shows your desire is to get into the right situations and experiences.

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Colorful Birds

To dream of a red bird represents a kind of freedom or transcendence you are aware is bad or dangerous. To dream of a white bird represents the desire to transcend or transcend the negative situation, which is renewed. To dream of birds with a negative outcome is symbolic that things will get tougher in life. To dream of a powerful bird lying dead on the ground means you have lost all hope in a certain aspect of your life.

If you are seeing birds flying around inside of your home, this type of dream may mean that you are going to experience some losses regarding certain friends. Dreams about birds flying inside your house — If you have dreams about birds flying inside your house, the dreams are not good signs, and may indicate some losses regarding some friends. If you dreamed of birds flying above your head, dreamed is a good sign, it indicates that you are going to beat some rivals successfully.

The dream significance of birds flying toward you may be a sign of some threats that you will encounter in life. Dreaming of a large bird, particularly if it is one that is going after you, means that you are on your way to achieving your goals. Seeing an oversized bird in a dream indicates how patient and perseverant you are in some desired goal, as well as your quietness and your will to keep working towards success. Also, dreaming about a chirping bird also announces that soon, you will be released from a heavy weight on your shoulders.

Seeing a lot of birds gathering together at one location in the dream, and seeing them singing birdsong, is the tragedy that is going to occur at that location.

Big Birds

Dreams in which you see yourself being eaten mercilessly by a large bird are an indication that soon, you will face a frustration in your life. Dreams of dying or dead birds: If you dream of dying or dead birds, this is not a good sign, and it usually indicates frustration. However, more commonly, dreams about finding dead birds may symbolise frustration, distress, upset, or sadness. If you are dreaming about an adult bird that died, no matter how harrowing the bird might look in your dreams, that is actually a good sign.

Most dream symbols can have more than one meaning, as they are not really related to the birds in the dream…it is more related to the things that are going on with the birds.

Good Fortune

A bird in a dream may also represent social or occupational ambitions that you wish to achieve, or that you already have. Dreaming may also mean you are coming across new opportunities, or starting out on an endeavour that is going to succeed. Dreams are sometimes signs of receiving some pretty big payoff, wealth of goods, or some big miracle which will keep you going through life comfortably. Such a dream indicates that problems or unpleasant situations which had been plaguing your waking life for some time would eventually end, and you would be free to begin again, just the way you always wanted.

If your life has changed drastically, and you are unhappy with this, or you have been feeling low and low, having such a dream is not uncommon.

bird dreams

Witchcraft, Birds And Dreams

In witchcraft practices, some birds may have particular significance or power.  This will vary with the practice and with the type of bird, but nonetheless, birds can have dark overtones.

If you see a bird landing on your shoulder in a dream, perhaps this means that there is something heavy weighing down your mind. Often, birds attacking you in dreams also means that there are aspects of your life that seem not to be working out exactly and that need some attention before others exploit your weaknesses. Dreaming about birds who are considered despised due to their unsympathetic looks can mean that you are going to get some bad news regarding an issue or a person.

Dreaming of birds eggs can also mean you will soon encounter a few wealthy individuals that will assist in achieving your goals in life. Dreaming of bird eggs represents goals, ambitions, and hopes which are developing and which will take time to achieve. To dream of birds being fed represents encouragement, inspiration, or supporting ideas for trying to overcome problems.

Beautiful Creatures

Birds, in a dream scenario, usually represent freedom, independence, success, harmony, and abundance. The birds symbolism is related to what they show us as they fly overhead; absolute freedom to travel anywhere they wish, flying and glide skills, and sweetness in color that they offer humans.

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