Dreaming About Your Partner Cheating? Find Out Why

Dreaming about a cheating partner is really unpleasant, even nightmarish. The reason why we have such dreams is worth scrutinising, particularly if these are not common dreams for you.

dreams about partner cheating

Dreams About Your Partner Cheating

If you are in a committed relationship, you may be wondering if you should tell your partner about Dreams. If you have sexual dreams about how your partner is cheating on you with another woman, this may mean that you may feel some discomfort in your sexual relationship with your partner. When you dream of your partner cheating, it may mean that you need to develop stronger communication skills in your relationship and open up to any hidden fears.

This can lead to trust issues and eventually make you fantasize that your partner is cheating on you. Dreaming that you are being cheated may also mean that you are very insecure about your relationship in real life.

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Is This A Metaphor?

Dreams are sometimes a metaphor for real life, and dreaming that your partner betrays you may mean that you don’t trust your partner. There may be many scenarios in your dreams when you find out that someone else or your partner is cheating on you. If there was ever a time when a significant person in your life left you when you needed them, dreaming about a cheating spouse or partner can lead to the same.

Maybe this relationship isn’t right for you or your needs, that’s why your mind longs to find it with another person. If in the dream you are cheating on someone with whom you are in a stable relationship but you are not physically attractive, it may mean that he has the qualities you want your partner to have.

partner cheating dreams

Deep Fears And Insecurity

If your relationship makes you feel insecure; you may find yourself daydreaming about cheating on your spouse about what this means for your partner, his or her interest in a working relationship, and anything else . You may also dream of your partner cheating, which of course indicates insecurities in a real relationship.

Because you feel like your partners are starting to pay more attention to other people than you do, you may feel emotionally cheated, even if you’re not. For example, if your partner is cheating on a colleague in your dream, it could mean that your partner is more focused on pleasing his boss and getting a boost in your relationship. Someone else, your partner, probably does not represent a real person, but rather a symbol of something that can command and consume more time, energy or attention.

Is It Your Ex?

Or, if they’re cheating on their ex in your dream, Lauri Lowenberg thinks it could mean that you’re feeling obsessed with some aspect of their past relationship. If you don’t know someone else, Levenberg recommends focusing on the emotions you experienced in your dream when you found out your SO was cheating. While dreaming of your partner cheating can definitely be unpleasant (or even disturbing), Lauri Lovenberg encourages you to try to see it as a useful portal to something that needs to be fixed or resolved.

When you start a new relationship with someone, you may be afraid of being cheated on because you have cheated on your partner in the past. If your partner has cheated in the past, you may dream that he will do the same to you, and you may be afraid that this will happen again. Even if you have a strong relationship with your current partner and never thought about cheating, dreams of cheating can shock you.

partner cheating dreams

Is It A Boyfriend Cheating?

The most common reason you dream that your boyfriend is cheating is definitely because you’re afraid it might happen in real life. Being deceived in a dream can often feel so real that you actually blame it on your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or other significant person.

Dreams of cheating can also indicate that you feel guilty about not behaving the same way in a relationship and not supporting your partner enough. So your cheating dreams are just your subconscious mind giving you a wake-up call to pay more attention to your relationship or talk to your partner about their lack of commitment.

Infidelity dreams are actually one of the top 5 most common dreams because most of the time it’s because your subconscious mind wants to bring out any underlying issues in your relationship that go unnoticed. Dreams often carry messages, so here are some things that could mean if you dream that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you.

Important Decisions

If you dream about cheating when you are on the verge of making an important decision about your life with your partner (like marrying your partner or moving to the other side of the country), you can focus more on the feelings you experienced in the dream. Dreams about cheating on your partner may be a sign that you feel guilty about some real-life activities – it could be your busy schedule interfering with your romantic life, or simply the fact that you don’t feel connected to your partner recently.

What a dream in such a scenario could mean is that you don’t feel as passionate about your partner as you once did. Sexual dreams may mean that you are not satisfied or that you think you are not satisfying your partner because you imagine that your partner is having sex with someone else.

You may be worried about your partner’s reaction, as your partner may view the Dreams as meaning that you are fantasizing about someone else, or that you are thinking about cheating on him and getting angry or mad at you. If you have been a cheater in a previous or several previous relationships, you may have such dreams. If you recently met with your partners or heard a story about them, you may have had this dream.


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