Dreaming About Running Late? Want To Know Why?

Running late is something I hate, and actively work to avoid. I’ll often turn up to appointments ridiculously early, just to avoid any risk of running late, so when it occurs in dreams, what does it mean? Is it anxiety, or fears of inadequacy, or something entirely else? Read on to discover.

Dreams of running late

Dreams About Running Late

Lateness when in dreams, is symbolic of the change that is needed in ones life, or the hope for a change in ones life. Being late in dreams is a symbol of not having control of ones life.

Running late in dreams are symbols that it is too late to undo a change that has entered into your life, and that you are left with no choice but to accept it. You are symbolized as being late in dream because life keeps moving on, whereas you are stuck in a spot because you are losing interest and motivation.

The Rapid Pace Of Time

Being late in your dreams is a direct reflection of the rapid pace of time in your life, as it is being stolen from you, one second at a time, yet you are not making sufficient efforts to bring you nearer your goal.

Dreaming of being late to something may also be indicative of losing out on some good opportunities in your life, and the impact they have on your future.

Missed Opportunities

Your regrets about missing out on some good opportunities in life may also be a cause of dreams of being late. If you are having dreams that you have just missed a flight or bus due to being late, then this dream suggests that you are going to miss out on some really great opportunities in your life.

If you are late for a party in this dream, it means you are missing out on something really important in your real life. If you are late for some important meetings in this dream, it could mean that you are going to miss something very important in your life. Being late for a test in your dream symbolizes that you are really stressed out about something in your real life. If you missed any deadlines on anything in your real life, this may be also responsible for some dreams of being late.

running late dream

Psychological Significance

The psychological significance of your dreams about being late may point to any inner conflicts you are having in your life, as well as any emotions that are being suppressed. The spiritual meaning of dreams about being late symbolizes your thoughts and emotions on specific things in real life.

This dream typically means you have discovered something important late, i.e., you are no longer in a position to alter or influence it. Then, this dream means you missed out on something important; it could be a great job offer, a big event, or that you forgot a friends birthday party. The dream means you are cheating on someone dear to you, as you are not there for them at this crucial time.

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Fears Surfacing

Dreams can also mean that you are scared about whether or not the person you have chosen shows up; you are scared about being betrayed this way, about being hurt and abandoned. On the flipside, it might mean you are coming to terms with the big changes a marriage brings into your life, and therefore you are taking some time to work through them.

Dreaming might also mean that you are trying to finish something, but feel like you are running out of time.

Responsibility And Dreams

On the other hand, dreams can just mean you are trying to escape responsibility, whatever that may be. Also, dreaming of being late may reflect a dreamers realization about reality, that is, that you are going to get stymied, making it hard to take advantage of an opportunity; or, a dream about being late could reflect a realization you have about yourself, that is, a lot of things that you are dealing with are not important, and they are instead taking up your opportunities for doing other important things, thus making you miss out on the big opportunities of your life.

If you are dreaming of being late for your own wedding, this means that you are unsure whether or not you can make major changes in life or obligations in your present because you need some time.

dreaming of running late

Late For An Appointment

Dreaming of being late, or running late, for an appointment, maybe for a flight or meeting, means you are having difficulty adapting to some changes in your lifestyle. Being late or running late to appointments means that you are working so much that you are having very little time for you and your family. Being late to work may stem from feeling like you do not have control over your career.

Being late for any major events in your life, or the lives of those closest to you, is reflective of greater internal doubt. If you see anyone else being late for anything in your dreams, it could be symbolic that the person you know could be creating some problems in your life. Seeing someone else arriving late in your dream is reflecting that this person is going to be the cause of some trouble and unpleasantness in your real life.

Arriving Late

Arriving late in dreams because of unexpected events, such as a lot of traffic, is a reflection of our fears in our wake lives. Being late dreams, or dreams about missing appointments or connections, are extremely common because most of us are so stressed about managing time and multitasking in waking life. There is a feeling that time is running out in these types of dreams, and that can transfer into your waking lives.

Dreams of running behind schedule all the time suggest an easier time, or to a time when you felt a certain way.

Is The Transport Slowing You Down?

If you dream about running late on a time-shifting transport, like flights, trains, buses, and so on, this usually indicates you might have missed out on a clear opportunity, or that you are feeling slightly anxious about whether or not you will succeed in reaching a particular goal.

If you dream of attending a party, but a VIP is late, it indicates you may have missed out on the necessary experiences at a certain phase in your life. When you are late in a dream, it also can indicate that you are the one holding yourself back from success.

How Competitive Are You?

Dreaming of being late represents lack of competitiveness, not being able to meet the demands of others, or not being able to deal with the pressures in your life. Dreaming of being late to school may symbolise lack of organisation and your lack of discipline in real life. If you are having many such dreams of missing appointments, this may be a sign that you are having a lot on your plate, whether it is in work or your personal life.

If you are stressed about whether or not you should switch jobs, but have already made a subconscious decision, you may dream about running late for something that is already started.


In general, dreaming of running late can mean so many things. If you have enough time to work through the ideas mentioned above, hopefully you’ll find something that resonates with you and gives you the insight you seek.


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