Dreaming About Pregnancy? Find Out Why

Pregnancy dreams are surely some of the most common, most emotional dreams we can have.  Pregnancy and child rearing are some of the most sacrosanct human activities, and therefore these dreams are powerfully symbolic.

dreaming about pregnancy

Dreaming About Pregnancy

Dreams about being pregnant may be memorable dreams, since pregnancy is a life stage filled with meaning, and this may cause the dreamer to look for explanations. Dreams of being pregnant may also represent the worry of starting another life, and the responsibilities that go along with that.

It is true that some people feel these feelings before getting pregnant, but dreams about pregnancy are able to occur at any time in someones life.

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Subconscious Pregnancy

Most dreams that may come true of being pregnant are due to your subconscious mind more than anything else. This means there are many psychological factors that could be leading you to have dreams of positive pregnancy tests.

Dreaming about pregnancy tests could mean you have lots of problems in your life, which you need to fix on your own, so you are feeling really tired (like being pregnant).

A more perplexing scenario is if you are dreaming of carrying a child (or taking a positive pregnancy test, maybe), but you are 100% unprepared for thinking about babies, and have never carried one.

Having this type of dream, which is similar to the other common pregnancy dreams, does not suggest you are going to have a doublet, but it does mean that you are subconsciously considering this idea.

Personal Life And Pregnancy

There are a lot of possible meanings associated with pregnancy dreams, and these vivid dreams are something people often retain, particularly when pregnancy is not the thing on top of their minds in real life.

Of course, it is unlikely pregnancy dreams would scare you away if you are really trying to get pregnant, but it could leave you feeling depressed or low-key if this does not occur outside of the dreams.

Dreams of pregnancy and childbirth are generally joyful, usually meaning that something great is on the way. Much as dreams of the end of pregnancy may indicate changes on the horizon, dreams of giving birth may signal something new is coming into being.

Just as the final outcome of a pregnancy may be a new life, dreams of pregnancy and childbirth may symbolise you starting on a big shift, one that may lead to a whole new way of living. Popular pregnancy dreams include being very pregnant, going into labor, having a nasty baby, or being pregnant with the child of an ex, she says.

Getting Ready For Next Steps

Dreaming of having a baby while already pregnant may be representative of a new way of life that you are getting ready to bring into the world, or even the new you that is going to come out during the pregnancy. Pregnancy could be a dream symbol of a new life coming into your life very differently.

If you are currently pregnant, dreams about a miscarriage are a common experience during the second trimester of pregnancy. Dreams of giving birth to an unborn child are also common during the second trimester.

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Labour, Delivery And More

Other common dreams associated with pregnancy include the actual labor and delivery process, and dreams about parents. While pregnancy-themed dreams can stem partly from hormones, it is known that similar dreams occur following childbirth as well, as in the case of fathers-to-be.

For pregnant individuals who do not have an abortion or miscarriage, dreams of pregnancy and childbirth can indicate fear about losing their pregnancy. You may awaken from these types of dreams with an image of yourself living a pregnancy, or even feeling like you are pregnant, like having a full belly or having morning sickness.

dreams about pregnancy

Decoding Complex Feelings

In reality, dreams can be the way that your brain processes your life in the awake, so understanding what a dream of being pregnant means may help you decode your feelings around various life events. It may help to understand the reasons your dreams are changing, as well as knowing it is completely normal to have detailed, and sometimes scary, dreams when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy dreams are troubling to many women, but it is important to know that they are actually fairly common, and may offer valuable insights into a woman’s mental state.

Is This A Sign?

Of course, there is always the small possibility that having dreams of being pregnant could mean you know deep down inside you are actually pregnant. A dream where a friend is pregnant may mean you are developing a new part of your identity that is like some aspect of theirs, particularly if it is a friend that you do not speak with often.

When you have dreams about being pregnant, while neither being pregnant nor trying, that usually means something is going on in your workings. If you dream of someone else you know getting pregnant, that may mean that there is some part of you that needs nurturing in order for you to reach your potential, or learn new skills, or that the person taught you something that helped you grow.

Is It A Pregnant Friend?

Or, a friends pregnancy dream might mean that you are feeling like there is something left unfinished, whether it is with them or in general,. The meaning behind dreams of pregnancy and birth may be less obvious, too. They can symbolise something else in your life you need to put down when you are pregnant, such as alcohol.

If you have recently lost your pregnancy, your sadness or exhaustion may appear in dreams in an unexpected way – particularly if you’re trying to carry on when you’re not ready.

Dreams are reflections of your emotional state, so it is natural that, during pregnancy – a time of many mixed emotions – your dreams may feel more intense and bizarre than normal. Given the fact that pregnancy can feel like an emotional rollercoaster, it is not surprising your dreams might seem more vivid than normal.

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