Dreaming About People Dying? Find Out Why

Dreams about people dying are usually unpleasant in one way or another, given how universally negative the view of death is.  However, its not all that simple – death is also a transition into the next phase…

Dreams about people dying

Dreaming About People Dying

A dream about dying people is about ending something in ones life as you are experiencing it. Death symbolizes an end, so dreaming of dying people may mean you wish or are about to end something in your life.

The spiritual significance of dreaming of someone dying suggests that some kind of change or ending might occur in your life.

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Responsibilities And Symbolic Death

Sometimes, a dreaming someone already deceased suggests you are missing out on, or forgot, something important about your life. When you are dreaming of someone dying, it may indicate you are trying to rest from your responsibilities in life.

If you are dreaming of someone who has died just recently, then that means that their death is still fresh in your mind.

dreams about dying people

Feelings In Dying Dreams

Generally, dreams about the death of someone imply your feelings about someone are dying, or a major change/loss is occurring in your relationship with that person. The primary meaning for seeing someone in your dreams that is dead indicates that you are possibly missing that person.

If you are dreaming of someone you know dying, this may indicate the person you are seeing is controlling your waking life. If you see someone dying in your dreams, it is possible something is going to change in your waking life.

Are You The One Dying?

If you see yourself dying in dreams, it could be an indication of a major change that you are going through in your life. Seeing a persons death in a dream may indicate stress and worry you are experiencing currently in your life.

The overall meaning of seeing someone die in your dreams could be interpreted as feeling like you are losing control of life. What a dream really means is seldom that someone is going to die.

A Peaceful Death

If you are dreaming of a certain unknown dying, or simply dying like that, it may mean you are about to finish something, and are at the doorstep of a new start. If there is something negative going on in your life that you are not quite ready to let go, then dreaming of dying might symbolise your wish to get out of everything, not through dying, but simply getting out.

If there is a person who is terminally ill in your life, or has died, it is no wonder that death is in the back of your head, and more likely in your dreams. Such dreams of dying people are not usually indicative of a wish you have for the death of another person. Of course, seeing such a dream does not necessarily mean that you want the death of anyone you know.

dreams about dying people

Meaningful Dreams About Dead People

If death really feels real, it could mean you are trying to impress the thing dying on a person you love. If you are stressed (in real life) over the person dying during sleep – that can be an indication of why you are having these dreams. Death, no matter how frightening in real life, can also put stress on you in the dreams.

You might see the deceased come back to life, or the living die, in the dreams as you work through the emotions of having suffered great loss. If you see a dream where a dead person is alive, this suggests change in your life. If you are dreaming about someone who died long ago, then it suggests a situation or a relationship currently going on in your life is similar to that deceased persons qualities.

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Negative Grief

Dreaming about the death of someone who you loved and worshipped may indicate that you loved the person so much you are afraid to lose him. Dreaming of a significant person in your past dying can potentially be a clue into feelings and loves that you had for that person in the past, and that you are still missing that great time.

A loved one dying may indicate you loved them deeply, but still feel like you did not fully express how you felt about them. The most common type of dreams may be an attempt to point out a strong connection that you have with that person and the fear that you will lose that person in your life at any point.

Predictive Dreams Opening Your Eyes

Death dreams may open your eyes and allow you to have better relationships with the people you are in your dreams, as you are reminded that life is precious, and you never know when you may lose it. Death is one of the most common themes in dreams, but do not fret – this is because our minds are dark, bleak places, haunted by thoughts of dying.

Such dreams may make you feel shaken and shaken, mostly due to the enigmas and fears surrounding death that are propagated by many cultures.

Although a little disturbing, dreaming about death is a way for your mind to wake you up, asking you to review your life, accept, and make necessary changes that will allow you to live your dream fully. If you’ve died in your dreams (or come very close), that doesn’t mean youare headed toward early demise, but rather your mind is getting you ready for the next chapter.

dreams about people dying

Summing Up…

If you see a corpse in a dream, that can be a sign you are struggling to let go. If you see a dead body in your dream, it could be a sign that you are struggling to let go.

When you see the dreams of deceased relatives, it indicates an underlying problem in your life that needs addressing very quickly. These feelings and memories will be stored in your subconscious mind, and can continue to manifest themselves as dreams where you see a dead relative, friend, or acquaintance.

Additionally, the dreaming can also represent the fact that you are not part of their lives anymore, and that you are missing being a part of someones life.

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