Dreaming About Parents Death

The death of a parent is a tough time in anyone’s life, expected though it may be.  Dreaming about that death however, whether before or after it actually occurs, is a different matter.

dreams of death of a parent

Dreams About The Death Of A Parent

If you are dreaming of your parents dying while they are still alive, that dream means there is going to be some really big changes coming up soon in your life. Dreaming of your parents dying may indicate that you are going through a major change in life which is going to alter the way that you relate to them. Dreaming of your surviving parents dying indicates that you are experiencing significant changes in your waking life. If you dream of the death of a real-life parent that is actually deceased, this is a sign that you are missing the parent a lot.

A dream in which you see your parents dying can mean you are being affected by the negative people in your present waking life. Seeing your parents dead in the dream means you are being swayed by negative ones in your waking life, and not staying close to people who are having positive influences on you. Seeing dead parents in your dreams alerts you to being in the wrong circles of people in your waking life. Seeing only the heads of dead parents in your dreams can suggest that there are enemies or a certain kind of opposition in your waking life.

Dreaming About A Dead Father

If you see just the head of dead parent in a dying parents dream, it is an indication there are enemies surrounding you. Seeing one or both of your parents dying in your dreams can also be a sign that a major change is coming to your life as you awake. Seeing your parents dying in your dreams while they are alive in your waking life might also be simply a matter of you being uncertain of them, or afraid that you will lose them. If you are dreaming of one of your parents dying and talking to you, this could indicate your fear of losing them is overwhelming and that you are not ready to go through this stage.

Sometimes, a dream of your parents dying can reveal your wish to free yourself from their influence, and/or finally succeed in getting rid of their powerful hold on your life, decisions, actions, etc. If in the dream, you saw more than one of your parents dying, this may be a prediction that people are going to be unfaithful towards you in some form. The meaning of a dream can shift along with those facts, such as if in your dream, you see that one parent died, where they are actually still alive, that means there is been a big shift in your life.

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Dreaming About A Dead Mother

If you dream that someone is dead, then that means that you wish to suppress this aspect of you which is represented by a dying person. If you dream that someone died long ago, it suggests that the situation or current relationship in your life is similar in qualities to that deceased person. Seeing your parents in a dream who died a long time ago can suggest that there is a current relationship or situation in your wakeful life which resembles the quality of that parent.

If you dreamed that your mother died at the hands of someone unknown to your dreams, this represents a difficult, struggling period of your life. Dreaming of your mother dying is one of the most common dreams that happen, and carries a considerable amount of symbolism. If you are having a death dream in which your mother is dying, it suggests your mothers side, or what your mother represents for you, is coming to an end at some point in your life.

Dreaming Of Internal Change

You saw in this article that death dreams generally symbolise something good happening in your life, so there is no need for worry. It is important to mention that a death dream can be just a reflection of something happening in real life.

A dream of talking with the deceased can be symbolic of the material losses that you are going to face during a later time. If you are having dreams that your ex has died, it is your subconsciouss way of telling you the relationship is dead and you are moving on. If anyone in your life is terminally ill or has died, then it is no surprise to find death more frequently on your mind and in your dreams.

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Deceased People

When you are having dreams about a loved one that has passed away recently, this can be unsettling and discouraging. If you have dreams that your loved one has passed away, this may indicate you are missing out on the qualities this person had in their real life.

Dreaming of a deceased parent is often a reflection of our wish for their advice and support, something that we often miss most when they are not in our lives anymore. For some, this dying parents dream may represent a need to be more grateful for our parents, and show your appreciation and gratitude for everything that they have done for you, and for all of the sacrifices that they have made for you in order for you to have a better life. As we said, dreams like these reveal our emotional states and present needs, therefore, this dreaming might indicate you wish to take your relationship back to the beginning, with your parents protecting you in every situation of your life.

Morbid Dreams of Loved Ones

Seeing more than one of your parents dying in a dream predicts that you are going to get screwed in some manner by people, and in order to stop it, you will have to seek genuine friends. Dreaming about your parents dying means that you are likely going to get cheated at any time soon. When your parents death happens someday, it is going to be a lot easier to get through because you already got through in the dream.

Dressing your deceased parents up in your dreams is a bad sign, and could indicate jealousy, death, or trouble in general in your future. If in a dream you are dressed by your dead parents, this is a bad sign and may refer to death, envy, or problems in general.

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