Dreaming About Old Crushes? Find Out Why

You may have thought that old crush had left your life for good, but now they’ve suddenly appeared in one of your dreams? Does it reflect suppressed feelings rising to the surface, or perhaps something deeper?

dreaming of old crushes

Dreaming About Old Crushes

In the version of the dream, where your old love talks to you and even apologizes, perhaps wanting to be with you again – such a dream is a reflection of your own desires, your inner need to make others do the same. do them. If you are dreaming about your old love and you still have feelings for this person, this dream usually means that you are not reaching the full potential of the relationship.

This dream may also indicate that some current relationship patterns are reminiscent of old relationships with someone you like, and your subconscious mind is showing you similarities between your current and past love life. Maybe it’s a fantasy of something that could have been, especially if your old love is beautiful and good looking, you dream about it in this way because you regret not having done it in the past.

Is It Actually About Them?

Keep in mind that just because you’re dreaming about your ex doesn’t mean that dreams about previous relationships are actually about them – it could be that someone else reminds you of them or something. that is similar. If you notice that you are dreaming all the time, this may be a signal that you want to express your true feelings to your current crush, and your subconscious mind is already telling you to try.

If the dream that you are in love with your lover is a recurring dream and you dream about it all the time, this means that you not only have desires for this person, but also a desire to express your true feelings, as your subconscious says . you just do it. Recurring dreams about your love mean that you really want the relationship to be possible and think about it all the time.

dreams of old crushes

Your Self Image

If you dream that your lover is asking you out on a date, you are probably evaluating your image of yourself positively and projecting it onto the life of your dreams. If you dream that you are in love with someone else, this can be a clear sign of feelings of abandonment in real life and that you feel that you are not encountering other people that your lover could potentially date.

If you dream that your lover does not like you, this may indicate that in real life your subconscious mind is telling you to stop wasting time on a person and move on. Dreaming about someone you are secretly in love with in real life represents feelings that that person or desired target might be too good for you.

Your First Love

To dream in which the person you like expresses desire for you means that you want him to confess his feelings for you more than you want to confess your own. Dreaming about your first love means that you have hidden emotions and desires in relation to this particular person or in your current relationship (if any).

The dream can also mean over-anxiety about every signal you get from your lover, which means he doesn’t like you. If you dream that you have been rejected by your love, it usually means that you are feeling insecure and insecure about your current relationship, or perhaps life in general.

old crush dream

Childhood Love

If you are dreaming of your childhood love again, it is because of unexpected good news, which makes the dream positive in every sense. This dream may also deepen the fact that a dream of true love heralds a good relationship with your future passions, and that the dream heralds a generally happy life.

Dreaming about an old lover coming back into your life and trying to try a relationship again indicates that you were really unhappy at that moment in your life and you kept thinking about the things that came into your life 20, 30 or 40 years ago Someone (or about something you can do), you still dream about it. This is probably the simplest explanation: You want to kiss your lover in reality and keep thinking about it, so something like that appears in your dream.

Comfort In Waking Life

So, dreaming about your lover hugging you may also mean that you want comfort in your waking life, and if you have it, you may lack confidence and restraint in your current relationship. If you dream that you are kissing your lover, it basically means that you have been thinking about the person you want to be with and hope that the two of you can be together.

That’s when you start dreaming about someone you like, someone you’re trying to forget, someone you love, or someone you love.

dreaming of old crushes

Traits And Values

What happens in your dreams tends to show not only your thoughts and feelings about who you like, but also traits and values ​​that you admire. To dream that someone attractive is in love with you can symbolize self-esteem and increase your self-esteem.

If you feel good, you feel that your lover may be interested too.

Long Deep Memories

In some cases, a dream in which you see a long-term crush on a long-term crush may indicate that you are evoking memories – before you see this dream, it is very likely that you smelled it somewhere, ate something, which is often prepared. this person, or you saw someone wearing shoes similar to your ex, or you heard something they often talked about.

These dreams may come from the presence of your old love, maybe you saw them after a long time shopping, or maybe you found an old photo of the two of you together and this is reflected in your dream.


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