Dreaming About Moving House? Find Out Why

Moving house is often rated as one of the big stressors in life, up there with divorces and losing a loved one.  The difference is though (usually), moving house is voluntary and can be a herald of great things to come.

dreams about moving house

Dreams About Moving House

Dreams about moving houses can signify various things, and interpreting dreams correctly will help you to figure out what changes may be coming up next in your life. We often experience big changes in our lives which requires moving from house to house and/or from job to job, so a moving dream may indicate that you are going through a big change in life – leaving behind the past and getting ready for what lies ahead.

People who decide to leave behind the past and continue with life in a certain new environment will often have dreams like this that validate that decision. A dream where you are moving to a new home may indicate that you are about to undergo some radical positive changes within your family or in your friend group.

Possible ‘Moving House’ Dream Interpretations

If you see yourself moving to another house or a new home in the dream, this may mean that you will experience something positive and new in your relationships. If you have dreams of someone you love moving into your home, that means the changes happening in your life are for you, so you are willing to embrace it. When you have dreamed of seeing someone moving into your home, then this may mean there may be changes that are coming to your life. Moving to a new home is a sign of luck or fortune, and this dream may be a sign that something good is going to happen to your life.

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New House Dream

Whether it is building a new home, moving to a new home, or even wanting to buy a new home, the dream is a sign of great, better things for your life. Dreaming about a new home has specific meanings related to your self-image, and it symbolises yourself, but also peoples views on you. Meanwhile, a dream about building a new home can indicate you are going to accomplish something in your real life that you are going to be proud of. A dream where you return to an older house, a home that you have moved away from before in real life, means you will experience something wonderful again in your life.

Moving to a new home in the dream indicates you are looking for fulfilment, and may embark on a new life. Such dreams, where you willfully abandon the previous house in order to move to the new, indicate that you are looking to achieve independence and experience a certain amount of freedom in your life. If you dream about moving into another setting, like a new city or state, then this type of dream may show your desire to get away from the present circumstances of your life.

A New Beginning

To dream of moving around generally, such as a new apartment, home, or city, might indicate global changes, either good or bad, to your life as it is going on, and that in the process, you will be trying to deal with those changes. Dreaming about moving to a different home overall might indicate you are going through an internal change of ideas, values, morals, or beliefs. If you saw your partner moving out in a dream, this may mean you need to embrace certain changes in your life, even though you disagreed with them.

Dreaming of someone moving indicates you are having an issue that does not belong because you are getting too caught up in conflict which is not good for you, and may actually hurt you. When you dream about your entire family moving houses, it is a sign of change, but you need to look in the past to solve conflicts that you have with your family. If in your dreams, your old home is in disrepair, then the dream is usually a bad sign, perhaps suggesting certain difficulties that you may have to face in the near future, and it is setting you up for having to adjust to new circumstances.

Moving To An Old House

If a dream involves moving back to an older, worn-out, broken-down apartment or home, this may suggest difficult times ahead, in which you will need to return to a lifestyle of greater scarcity. If the dream involves moving to a new apartment, dreams may suggest improvement both financially and emotionally. There are times when your attention is focused on accepting a new job opportunity, or you are trying to improve the financial situation that you currently have, that a new home might come up in your dreams.

Perhaps, your dreams of new homes are of an older home, of a new home falling into disrepair, of your new home as a child, or of being in the market for a new home. To dream of moving into a large, comfortable new house in a pleasant, happy neighborhood, when you have been feeling restless, unsatisfied, or unhappy at your current residence for a while, may well be referring to your being suddenly moved into a new location or dwelling in your wakeful life. According to the majority of dream interpreters, seeing yourself moving houses, or moving furniture, for that matter, is representative of our wish to move on to a new stage in your life, or the desire to make changes to your life.

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A Good Omen

Recurring dreams in which you have moved houses, but brought back the same furniture, are representative of you taking a new route in life, but that baggage from your past is still hanging over your shoulders. Dreams about moving into an old, worn-out, or cluttered home are a symbolic explanation of your lack of self-care, your souls hunger for attachment. Dreaming of moving into an awful house may symbolise your purposeful choice to face something hard in life, such as a health issue or history of trauma.

If you are dreaming of someone telling you to leave the apartment or home where you are currently living, that means that you do not have to be involved in petty conflicts with your partner, friends, family, co-workers, or boss. In fact, the dream is just the opposite, since moving to a vacant home means you are about to experience some positive changes, particularly within the realm of wealth. Dreaming about moving to a home which is empty is a positive sign indicating that soon, you are going to get rewarded for all your hard work, that you are going to achieve your goals, and financial wealth is going to come in your life too.

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