Dreaming About Miscarriage? Find Out Why

Miscarriage is a painful occurrence which many couples suffer through.  In fact, miscarriage is so common that most women will lose a pregnancy in their lifetime,

Dreams About Miscarriage

Miscarriage is not usually something that we speak of in waking life, so it is hard to talk about even dreaming of a miscarriage. If you have dreams of multiple miscarriages or repeated abortions, that represents more misfortunes in your waking life. When you dream about having an abortion or a miscarriage, but are not pregnant, it represents a few troubling issues of your waking life you would like to be done with.

If you are not pregnant, the nightmare may still be terrifying, and means that you will experience some grief in your waking life. If you are not pregnant, The nightmare of a miscarriage may mean that there is going to be pain that you are going to experience in your waking life. If you are dreaming about your sisters having a miscarriage, but in reality, they are not pregnant, this can be a sign to their general health.

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Miscarriage Dreams And Nightmares

If you see her having a miscarriage in the dream, it may mean she is going to have some big changes to deal with in life. A dream in which you are having a miscarriage and cannot handle the emotions may mean you are going to go through changes in your life which you may not be able to handle. When you have a miscarriage dream, it may also mean that there may be major changes coming to your life which will be a result of something ending. When you have that dream of being beat and experiencing a miscarriage, it can be an indication that the idea that you had may not be going according to plan.

You may even have experienced a miscarriage during your previous pregnancy, and now you are expecting again, you cannot help but be anxious. If you are lucky enough to be pregnant and you have experienced this dream, worry not, as it does not mean you are going to have a miscarriage. If you have experienced a miscarriage in the past, then this dream is a symbol of your internal anxieties and worries about life. If you are male and dreaming about pregnancy dreams in which your wife has suffered a miscarriage, then this just means you are concerned with changes coming to your life as the baby arrives.

High Hopes, Sudden Loss And The Interpretation Of Miscarriage Dreams

Dreaming that your partner is having a miscarriage can make you feel lost, but you must realize once again that the dream is not necessarily going to be reality. If you are dreaming that you suffered violence resulting in a miscarriage, this type of dream might not be a good sign, perhaps indicative of a setback in some idea or plan that you had. If you dreamed that you were in the hospital, had a miscarriage, and were bleeding, this type of dream could mean that you were being taken care of, and that bad things were happening to you in life. If you dreamed of your spouse or fiancee having a miscarriage, such dream may signify that you are loving them, or it may signify that you are not paying enough attention to them, and reminds you to change your behaviour and be more loving.

A miscarriage in one of the dreams may also mean your subconscious desires children, or you had children and you had a natural fear of losing them. Seeing any genetic anomalies in the child in a dream of miscarriage may imply that something hard is being prevented in ones life.

Third Trimester Miscarriage

As explained by classic dream books, miscarriage to the pregnant person is, first and foremost, a fear of losing a child. For pregnant people who do not have an abortion or a miscarriage, dreams of pregnancy and childbirth may represent the fear of losing a pregnancy. Often, dreams are caused by a desire to have children and get pregnant, while also having fears of getting pregnant, or fears about losing a child.

The meaning behind dreams of pregnancy and childbirth may be less clear, too. Certified Dream Analyst, Lauri Loewenberg, says they may symbolise something else in your life you have to cut out during your pregnancy, such as alcohol. If youare not pregnant and you dream about a miscarriage or an abortion, Loewenberg says that it can be a sign of things coming to an end in your life, or something new needs to stop.

A Common Dream And A Common Occurrence?

For pregnant people who had miscarriages or abortions in the past, certified dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg says dreams of those events are often an expression of fear of experiencing these events again. Much as dreams of the end stage of pregnancy may indicate changes on the horizon, dreams about giving birth may signal that something new is coming into being, says Loewenberg. Dreams of another having an abortion, or more than one, for that matter, may be a warning sign that something awful is going to happen to the individual, or to the dreamer, specifically.

If a person dreams about their partner having a miscarriage, but they are not pregnant at all, it could be an indication that they are losing something important in their lives, such as a loss of trust, opportunities, or even the death of someone close. If you are lucky enough to become pregnant during the wake life, to dream about a miscarriage, that is an early warning sign that the Devil is planning on controlling your pregnancy and child in the spirit realm. Since dreams of miscarriage are fear-inducing dreams, it is important to note that a dream about a miscarriage is unrelated to the fact that you may even be suffering one in your waking life; instead, it is symbolic of an issue that you are facing in the here and now. When you experience that dream in which you are powerless and alone, and have a miscarriage, it may be symbolic of your loneliness.

A miscarriage to the father-to-be, who dreams about having a dead baby, means he is fearful of not just the impending birth, but the worries of taking care of a child.

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