Dreaming About Invasion? Find Out Why

An invasion may seem an odd dream theme, but considering how frequently we see mention of invasions on news media, whether it be a military invasion, pestilence invasion or even a home invasion, we can realise how frequently this idea actually crops up.  What it means for you and your dream however, will depend on the details and context.

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Dreams About Invasion

A military invasion dream may symbolize the conflicts that you are experiencing in your own life. A dream of a naval military invasion is a sign of your emotions, and the extent to which this is impacting you today. All these things which make you afraid can come up in a military invasion dream.

Dreaming about an invasion at home mirrors the fears, uncertainty, mistrust in people, and stressful circumstances that you experience in your real life. Dreaming of a home invasion may also relate to the way you feel burdened by undesirable social norms that have intruded on your life. Dreams of a home invasion may symbolize someone trying in some form to intrude in your life.

Home Invasion Dreams

Dreaming that you are breaking into another persons house is manifesting you are encroaching on the lives of others in reality. Dreams that you are being intruded upon at home thus usually represent feeling like one is under threat. In the dream, the house is the symbol of security, and when you dream that someone has entered the house without you giving your consent, then that means that security has been damaged somehow.

As you are able to see yourself, in a dream world, you are home, this is the manifestation of your identity, but you need to consider both yourself and any negative feelings that you might be having, become conscious about them, they cannot do you any good, and you need to observe the person that is the invader in your dreams, what is that which you are hiding and protecting, and most important ways.

Anybody coming near to our house, the intention being to invade it, is what brings us the fear and the worry – a dream like this is not good, but it does not have to be awful; it could just be a warning signal. Having a dream in which your home is invaded may trigger anxiety in you, prompting you to investigate the significance behind it, and to apply the message in your own life. Sometimes, dreams about countries being invaded are an unfortunate red flag to feelings of being failed or betrayed by someone in your life. If you are the one who is invaded the other city or country in the dream, it means you have suppressed feelings of aggression.

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Dream Invasion

To have a dream in which you see yourself saving members of your family from someone who has invaded your house may indicate that you are having a weak bond, or feeling detached from them. If you have a dream of invading the house of another, it may symbolise a situation in which, at least a bit, you are at least somewhat aware, at some level, that you might have crossed another persons boundaries in your life, even though you were able to rationally justify your actions to yourself.

If, for instance, you are seeing an invasion of your own house, and you are fighting off an invader – such a dream may relate to your love life, and symbolize the fact that you need to exercise caution with new loves. One other version of this dream that we are obliged to mention is that if you dream of certain other objects/subjects trying to invade your house, like birds, for instance (this version of this dream is uncommonly common); if so, this kind of dream indicates that you are not following your desired path of life.

If you had a dream where you saw a woman who was invading your house, this kind of dream indicates on your not fulfilling your sexual desires. Dreaming of an invader threatening your home – If you had a dream like this in which an invader is threatening you, then this type of dream is a sign of a possible frustration.

If you had a dream in which you felt afraid and scared of an intruder entering your home, then this type of dream may be a sign of possible problems in your relationships and friendships. Dreaming of having your boss invading your house – If you have dreamed about having your boss invading your house, it is generally a dream that has a symbolism related to your job.

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A Stranger On The Porch

If you dreamed of meeting the stranger sitting on the couch in your living room, then this is generally not a good sign. Dreaming about the invaders entering your house reveals the fears, uncertainties, needs, and burdens that you have been repressing in real life. A home invasion dream may thus symbolise a situation in which a new medical diagnosis or concerning physical symptoms threatens your ability to retain control of your life.

If you are able to get sufficiently sober that you see a home invasion dream as symbolic, however, it could be an indicator of a less visible threat lurking in your waking life.

Dream Invasion And Personal Problems

It is possible you are unaware of problems that you are having, and your visions in your dreams of an outsider breaking into your house frightening you could be symbolically representing a time when you are aware of this fact, and feeling scared because you are unsure of how to fix it. It is viable that you are not aware of the issues you have and the dream vision and foreshadowing of a stranger in your home scaring you could symbolically constitute the moment of becoming aware of that fact and feeling frightened because you do not realize how to resolve them.

This kind of a dream can also indicate you are going to get some problems with the people around you which are not going to end very well. If negative feelings are present in a dream, then a dream could indicate you are being taken away unintentionally, which is more so if this happens following an alien invasion.

Love life, your identity is always a part of the dream about the invasion of your house, since this is the centre of your life, this is your soul — an invasion is anything that can get into your way, but the enemy can be you.

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