Dreaming About Infertility? Find Out What It Means

Infertility is an unnerving concept for many, particularly those who are trying or about to try to start a family. Therefore, when infertility creeps into our dreams, it can leave us feeling unsettled.

infertility dreams

Dreams About Infertility

If you have had any dreams related to this dream symbol, or want to add anything related to the subject, leave comments below. These times can be really challenging, but its important those who are going through a similar situation never to give up hope that dreams can be realized.

Dreaming of being treated for your fertility issue in a dream means that somebody is going to steal something minor in money. If you dream of having suffered some sort of trauma that has rendered you infertile in a dream, this means you are concerned for your own utility. In some cases, dreams that make you infertile may indicate that people are expecting much from you in real life.

Infertility And Pets

Dreaming of sterility of your pets, such as dogs or cats, is an omen of limitations or hesitations ahead of the tasks that are given to you. If you get an infertility diagnosis in your dream, that means in real life, your efforts at a business you just started will be infertile as well.

This does not mean you are in fact pregnant, since that would only be proven by testing. Many believe dreaming of conception really means that they are pregnant with twins. Having a pregnancy dream when you are not really pregnant (or at least are not aware you are) may trigger a number of feelings. For others, such as those dealing with infertility or some other barrier to pregnancy or starting a family, these dreams can be harrowing. Such dreams may happen if you are hoping to get twins, or if someone has told you of their pregnancy.

infertility dreams

Pregnancy Dreams

Given how common dreams of being pregnant are, some psychologists and researchers have looked at what they might mean. Pregnancy dreams, in any variety, can be distressing nightmares, so hereas a primer on interpreting dreams about pregnant people, whatas known about their meanings, and why you might experience them.

Dreams have something to say about your present life, and also about what a future baby might have to do with it. It may even mean you want a baby of your own, and that is in the back of your mind somewhere. Dreaming of being pregnant, or seeing someone pregnant in a dream, may mean all sorts of things.

Seeing may also mean you may experience some happy news from someone in your life, such as a family member or a friend. If you are having a dream like this, worry that there are no new ideas coming up, and this may draw the attention of those around you. Oh, and of course, this type of dream may begin in early stages of pregnancy, lasting all the way to when you are in labor (and usually does not end once your baby arrives). Dreams about walking may represent a long road ahead, particularly at the start of pregnancy.

Eating Apples And Fertility Services

In particular, dreams of eating an apple can symbolise an early pregnancy, or may even indicate a climax in fertility. Another theory, outlined by Healthline, is that dreams about being pregnant can itself be a precursor to becoming pregnant, which, again, would implicate hormones.

Dream Stop has also reported that dreams about rain may indicate challenges ahead, and pregnancy could certainly fit that bill here, too. It is no surprise to learn that dreams of rabbits could indicate you are having a new child, specifically, rabbits that has been seen running around might indicate that you’ll be surrounded by children very soon, according to Dream Moods.

I have learned since then that having dreams of babies when you are dealing with infertility is totally normal. It has everything to do with feeling sad and empty, knowing the dream is not real, and that I have no child, or any hope for it. After so many dreams had passed, and I was done feeling empty or lost or scared, I would become very angry at God.


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