Dreaming About Iguanas: Symbolism Explained

The iguana has a strange regality to it among the animal kingdom, perhaps reflecting its long presence in the world. Within the world of dreams it also carries symbolic significance, tied in to its varied appearance and other elements within your dream.

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Dreams About Iguanas

Dreams of petting an iguana are usually signs that there is potential for attacks by your enemies and by those that dislike you. Having a dream of an iguana may indicate you are using fear to keep people who are needed around you.

If you have a dream of getting an iguana for your pet, this dream may be an indicator that you are inclined to controlling people, particularly people who are near you. Having a pet iguana in your dreams can carry the exact opposite significance, where a caged iguana symbolizes manipulating someone into staying with you.

When Iguanas Attack

When you have experienced this dream in which the iguana attacks you, and you kill the iguana to protect you, it means you will experience immense happiness and prosperity in short order. Even though it may appear as though the black iguana dream is a bad sign, the truth is that the opposite is true, and you may just get over your problems. As grim as it may sound that a dream of a black iguana is, the truth is it can be a good sign and shows you will be able to solve your problems. The black iguana in your dreams is the symbol for both potential and present problems that may be impacting your business or personal life.

If you kill the iguana in your dream, which is not dangerous for you, then there is an uphill stretch coming and you are going to be faced with an unanticipated danger. In certain situations, particularly if you are alone and sick, or if there is a person near you who is in poor health, the iguanas death can symbolise either your fears of losing, or that health conditions are getting worse, and sometimes the death of your loved one. Dead iguanas indicate you need to watch out for some people in your life, fake friends, as certain people in your life will take any opportunity to treat you badly.

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Marine Iguana Swimming Dream

This is not a completely negative dream, dead iguanas may indicate that you are not reaching your goals for wisdom. You might think of dreams as being negative, but this is just that, either way, a dead iguana in a dream world means you have not reached your way towards the wisdom that you are looking for.

This dream is trying to warn you of what is coming, maybe the iguanas look like harmless animals, but they are usually scared, so this dream is warning that there is going to be situations coming in your life which are going to make you very scared. If you are having this dream, it may also mean your friends and others in your surroundings are trying to betray you or to get trapped somehow. Dreaming might also mean fake friends and people from your surroundings are trying to betray you or trap you in some way, but thankfully, you will be able to see through their intentions and stop them from hurting you. Be cautious of this dream and do what is necessary so the situation is not that scary and uneasy for you.

If there is anything currently pressuring you, and you are feeling some kind of dread, then it is definitely a correct sign of your dreams. Maybe you are facing many difficulties in your life, but are unable to give up your dreams. The marks from that dream were strong as you woke this morning, and you want to now find out what that means.

A Green Iguana

If this was a green iguana appearing in your dreams, this could cause confusion in your awake life. Iguanas changing colors may also indicate you are being mistrustful and afraid of a particular person, be they a close friend, a work associate, or family member. One of the more significant meanings of iguanas changing colors, in the larger sense, is lying, and shows you that you have someone who is purposely cheating on you without you knowing and you are putting your faith in the wrong people.

If you dream about a changing colored iguana, dreams usually show a need to adjust yourself to certain situations or circumstances, or adjust yourself to certain people. If you dreamed of an iguana shedding its skin, this dream may be a good sign, indicating change and transformation to the highest. If the iguana was crawling around in your dream world, this is considered a sign in the overall dream interpretation to represent changes and changes.

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Iguana Spirit Animal

If you dream of an iguana that is peeling off its skin, that dream is a good sign, indicating change to better. It is very possible you are reacting differently than you should to situations changing you, whiteness in dreams can indicate that some part of you is dying. Often dreaming about lizards, and especially Iguanas, may be a signal from our subconscious mind that certain changes are coming, and we should be doing everything in our power to protect ourselves so we get through change as easily as possible.

Sometimes dreams of iguanas could be a sign from our subconscious to examine if your impulses and instinctive needs are dominating your life and actions entirely. In some cases, dreams of iguanas can also be a sign of keeping in check our tendency toward self-destruction, not allowing our instincts and impulses to take us to dangerous places or do harm. Dreams about iguanas could tell you that you are nearing success, and you need to stay careful until you get there, to ensure that you will get what you want.

If a green iguana is green and is basking in the sunlight beside you, that means with patience, you will achieve what you want and finish this quest that you have been on.

Because the meaning of an iguana in dreams could easily relate to some kind of callousness towards something or someone, or the need to construct a cocoon of protection (like the tough, tough skin of an iguana in dreams) where one merely lives and exists without emotionally engaging.

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