Dreaming About Hospitals: Am I Sick?

Hospitals are unpleasant places for most people, associated with sickness, suffering and perhaps memories of saying goodbye to loved ones. For others, hospitals are the places they worship, work at, or simply view with indifference.  When you dream about hospitals, it may be conjuring any one of these connotations or others yet.

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Dream About Hospital

A dream of hospital usually indicates you or someone near you needs healing for physical, mental, or spiritual issues. Dreams about hospitals usually indicate that there is a certain physical or mental issue to address and heal.

Dreams of hospitals may suggest you are feeling totally depressed, and you would like to be in a situation where you are taken care of for all of your needs. Being hospitalized in a dream may indicate that you are feeling insufferable pressure in real life, and you need to relieve yourself of the burden.

Working At Hospital Themes

If you are working at the hospital in your wake life, dreams about your workplace can indicate feeling especially stressed in your career. Hospital dreams may be signs of sickness or problems you must address before they get out of hand. Hospitals in our dreams may represent a need for us to unwind and relax from the burdens and stresses of daily life.

Sometimes hospitals in our dreams represent a need to get someones help in solving a certain problem that you are having. So, being at or near a hospital in your dreams will always suggest some sort of healing is happening, or is needed. Experiencing a hospital setting within the context of your dreams may relate to the process of healing currently taking place for someone you know, or something about to happen.

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Dream Hospital Patients

If you are having a dream, and see yourself at the hospital as a patient, there may be certain circumstances within this dream that may effectively place you at a hospital in real life. Having a dream related to hospital does not necessarily mean you were hospitalized at one time in your life, however, it can be a sign that you have to sort out certain things in your life that are on a sticky note, likely relationships or marriages.

If you have a dream where you are ready to go to a hospital, it could be seen as a sign that you are ready for change in your life at that specific point in time. When you had a dream in which you were not allowed to enter a hospital, it could be a sign that you were unable to resolve certain pressing issues in your life, and could also mean that you are having trouble getting over a relationship problem.

Dreaming about being refused admission to a hospital may reflect feelings about being unable to solve pressing problems. To dream of a hospital being abandoned represents feelings of losing the urgency to fix problems any more. Dreams about crumbling or abandoned hospitals are signs that our old ways of dealing with illnesses, be they physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional, are outdated or no longer effective.

Abandoned Mental Hospitals

Dreams about abandoned hospitals are about illness showing symptoms, yet you are dismissing their symptoms. Dreaming of being lost at an abandoned hospital means that you are embarrassed by a situation that you have put yourself into. If you dream about being lost in a hospital, it indicates a state of being both physically and mentally drained. It is something you see when you are under great pressure, and are both emotionally and physically weakened, which is what you see when you have a dream that you are lost in the hospital.

If you dream about working at a hospital, then you should work in the real world, but feel worse because you are in a poor mental state. If you have this kind of dream, in which you are working at a hospital, either as a nurse, a doctor, surgeon, this dream is a good sign. Maybe, up until recent times, you were suffering with certain medical problems, the dream is a sign that your health is going to be greatly improved. If you have dreams about seeing or being in an empty, seemingly abandoned hospital, this is a sign that you are feeling no pressure in solving any problems that you are having.

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Medical Center Hospitals And Dream Symbols

Dreaming of empty or abandoned hospital – Well, that kind of scenario is mostly found in scary movies, so if you dreamed about being in or seeing an empty hospital, there may be some consequences such as panic or fear during the dream, and the morning after waking up from the dream. Dreaming about leaving hospital- If you are having such dream, there could be several meanings behind that dream, while dreaming of leaving a hospital could indicate a possible bad luck or a poor behavior and time. Leaving the hospital in the vision in the dream, particularly after being treated for a medical condition or being taken care of following an accident, is usually interpreted as a positive sign regarding conflicts or rivalries that you might currently be experiencing.

Having a dream where you visit a hospice or other facility for the aged or terminally ill is often interpreted as a sign that someone in your life might be in need of your help or expertise. If a hospital appears in your dreams, it is possible your unconscious is sending you a message about a certain part of your life that deserves your attention, attention, or even needs to heal. Having a dream of a psychiatric hospital ward, whether you are the patient in that vision or you are simply passing through, indicates a coming period in your life that is marked by increasing levels of stress and anxiety, particularly from external sources putting pressure on you.

Sick In Hospital Dream Meanings

A dream about lying sick in a hospital bed might just be fostered by a fear of becoming sick, but could also be indicative of your wish to relinquish control over certain aspects of your life to someone else. Dreaming might also suggest that you are needlessly worrying and stressed, potentially leading to actual sickness. Either way, if you are having a dream that is somehow focused around a hospital, it suggests you are in need of some tender loving care, physically as well as emotionally.

A dream about refusing to leave the hospital is usually a dream that is experienced by someone who has somehow isolated himself or herself from their surroundings, and is extremely anxious about being around others.

Having dreams related to hospitals may also relate to the health of abstract things in our lives, such as our cars, our jobs, and this means we have to examine the health or wellbeing of those things in our lives, and need to know whether or not they are okay.

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