Dreaming About Heights? Find Out Why

What does it mean when your dreams take you to new heights? Are you on mountain tops or skyscrapers? Or, are you teetering on the edge of a cliff? Read on to interpret what the heights mean for you.


Dream About Heights

Dreams about high places are quite common, this is because they are related with our mental states, we do not have to fear them as they may be interpreted positively or negatively depending on our situation in life. In some cases, dreams about heights may show you feel threatened by someone or something in your life. Sometimes, dreams about heights may reveal feelings of being in danger, or having to take great risks in order to accomplish some desired goal.

Those who are terrified of heights, or are uncomfortable in them, are likely to dream of heights reflecting things that they are afraid of, or feel are out of reach. If a dreamer is scared of heights or feels uncomfortable with heights, a dream of the dreamers heights typically represents something he or she is afraid of or feels is out of reach. As for those that are not afraid of heights, dreaming about heights typically indicates that they have overcome obstacles and are certain about their abilities to achieve their goals and desires.

Spiritual Desires

If someone who is not afraid of heights dreams of anything similar, they are optimistic about accomplishing their goals and desires. Often, dreams of high-rises show you desire for greater success in a particular area, or for the achievement of a certain thing that you feel is of the greatest importance. If you dream of heights generally, it is possible that you are striving for higher things in your life and want to accomplish big things.

It is not unusual to have dreams where you are terrified of heights, which could be a sign you are trying to accomplish something, despite knowing that it is impossible. If you are feeling scared when standing at high altitudes in your dreams, this is a sign that something is going to happen that is going to greatly surprise you. We are all thrown off guard when we have a dream in which we are falling off of great heights, our hearts are racing, and ultimately, we are overcome with a lot of fear. Falling from great heights can be terrifying, even if you are not afraid of heights, you are bound to get your heart racing when you have these kinds of dreams.

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Falling From A Narrow Ledge

If you are dreaming about falling off a height, this type of dream may not be a good sign, as it typically signals problems ahead. If you dreamed of someone falling from a height, such a dream is generally a good sign, which indicates that you will overcome the problems that you are currently facing with success. If you dreamed of falling from a smaller height, like from a chair or a desk, such a dream is generally not a good sign.

If you dreamed about falling from a very tall height, such as from a building or tall tree, such a dream is not a good sign, typically it indicates that something negative will come to your life shortly. If you dreamed about climbing to great heights, such a dream is a good sign, usually indicating success in your current endeavors and life as a whole. If you dreamed about someone being afraid of heights, this is a bad sign, and generally indicates the person you are dreaming about has some kind of personal issue that you are aware of. If the heights from which you fell were low, then dreams can be bad signs, and they will point out obstacles and difficulties which will, thankfully, last only a short while, and you can easily get over.

Dream Heights

People who are scared of heights can have scary dreams, regardless of how safe they felt at the time. A person can also have dreams where they are afraid of heights, as long as they are trying to overcome their fears in real life, like climbing a mountain or jumping from an edge. A person may also dream that they are afraid of heights if they acknowledge the fear of heights is a way of keeping them from losing control of things in general, such as being scared in social situations, such as romance, or in public. Dreaming about being afraid of heights can sometimes point out circumstances or events that will help make you a better person.

Fear of heights is ingrained into our DNA as a defense technique, on the dream plane, it is interpreted as a welcome message. In our dreams, a fear of heights may reflect a failure to ground ourselves, or changes to ones belief system. According to some dream analysts, if one has difficulty giving up control because one is too defensive, it makes sense they would dream about being afraid of heights — because fear of heights is usually associated with losing control.

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A Fear Of Heights

People who experience such fear in real life might dream of being afraid of heights as a representation of their anxieties over not working hard enough to be successful in what they know themselves to be able to do, as well as their likelihood of looking bad or making a fool of themselves if they do not work hard enough. People who are not scared of heights usually interpret the dream as symbolizing overcoming challenges, and having confidence in ones abilities to reach the desired result. Whether the dreamer is afraid of heights, or not, plays a part in the interpretation of a dreams deeper meaning.

If you dream about being a substantial height, or even dream about being extremely tall, this is generally a sign of respect, strength, and strength you have. If you dreamed of being at a colossal height, or even if you dreamed you were very tall, that dream is a sign of respect, power and strenght you possess, along with height. If you dreamed of being at lower elevations, it typically symbolizes you being weak, and feeling helpless or unimportant.

Our subconscious is always trying to communicate to us through our dreams, and when we see ourselves falling from great heights towards death, that is the wrong sign.


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