Dreaming About Having Cancer: What Does It Mean?

Cancer, or the ‘c’ word as it is sometimes known, is a scary proposition for anyone.  Dreaming about cancer can therefore be unnerving, and leave one wondering if it is a portent of impending bad news. Cancer can mean many things though for the subconscious, and dreaming about it has many interpretations.

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Dreams About Having Cancer

Dreaming of being cancerous can be bad luck, meaning that you may get sick in real life, or you may even get diagnosed with serious illness. If you are dreaming of having cancer yourself, but do not get cancer in real life, then this may indicate you are not paying enough attention to yourself.

If you do have cancer in real life and dream about having it, then it is possible you are having guilt consciousness over something that you did or did not do. Dreaming about having cancer or being diagnosed with cancer might mean there is a chance that you are concerned about your health or an area of your life right now.

Women And Cancer

If you dream about having breast cancer, you may worry about your womanhood, or perhaps you are not showing it as well as you should. Dreaming of someone having cancer may also be a sign of your negativity and your negative way of thinking that has been hurting you.

Dreams of someone having cancer indicate you have to work on your own negative thinking; it could be more positive. If the other person has cancer in the dream, it is possible you are harboring negative thoughts towards that very person in the waking life.

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Someone You Know With Cancer

If in your dream, someone you know has cancer (and does not actually have cancer), this type of dream could be a sign that you are not spending enough time with the person in your real life. If you dream about someone having cancer, such a dream is not a good sign, and may be an indication of your emotional state toward that person.

When you dreamed of having cervical or ovarian cancer, this is a sign that, in your waking life, you may have been pushed by someone into becoming pregnant. If you dream that several members of your family are affected with cancer at once, it may mean you are struggling in your own life.

If you dream of having a friend or family member who is affected by cancer, that means that you have to keep your spirits up. If you have a dream where a person you know has been diagnosed with cancer or is very ill, then that means that you need to have a more positive outlook on life and stop complaining. To dream that someone you know got cancer, even though that is not the case in real life, indicates you did not spend enough time with them. If you have happened to argue with someone you know who has cancer at some point, it may have been the feeling of guilt that led to the dream.

Cancer Patients And Warning Signs

Perhaps, the dream shows you the longing you feel for being near the person you know, for nurturing them and helping them, but at the same time, the fact that you cannot be there for the person all the time is eating away at you inside. If you are having these kinds of dreams, maybe it is due to a feeling you feel something has been done wrong, or somehow wasted — for example, feeling sorry for a person who is contracted cancer. Dreams about going to a doctor and having a doctor tell you that you have a medical condition may occur in people with vulnerabilities. Dreaming that doctors and hospitals are treating you for cancer signifies change in your life, but this is not necessarily bad news.

When you dream of being cured of cancer all of a sudden, it means that something good is going to happen in your life. Seeing someone else diagnosed with cancer in a dream is a warning sign that you are taking things for granted in your life. Getting diagnosed with brain cancer in dreams is a warning sign that you need to break free from the present mental state that is keeping you from being involved with anything productive in life. Dreaming about another person being diagnosed with cancer is a reminder that rather than complaining about the useless, material things, you should instead appreciate having a healthy body and comfortable life.

dream about having cancer

Cancer Risk

Maybe you are having trouble in your relationships or finances, or maybe you are sick. It is common for those who are suffering from cancer to have dreams about this disease stemming from their own conditions. To have a dream in which you see lots of people dying from cancer means that you are concerned about getting sick.

Maybe cancer is inherited in your family, and you are concerned about getting that disease. If you have dreams of being already suffering from cancer, it means that you are actually ill in reality (with any disease, including flu or something) or that you are physically and emotionally totally drained. To dream of either throat or mouth cancer means that you are simply bad at communicating your thoughts and feelings.

Cancer In Different Body Parts

When cancer in a dream is related to your digestive and intestinal areas, it may indicate that you are unable to completely release the negative emotions. If you dream about having cancer around your gut or digestive areas, according to folklore, this is a sign that it is becoming more difficult to rid yourself of negative emotions surrounding you.

Usually, having tumors around the gut in your dreams indicates that you are inclined to keep emotions inside of you, to allow thoughts to accumulate, and at the end of the day, you may do better being upfront with others. Dreaming of cancer of the bowel or the colon may indicate that you are hiding your emotions, and no one is seeing the true you.

Final Word On Cancer Dreams

Dreams that are more intense than others, or provide emotional threats, and that contain the word cancer repeatedly, can be signs. Cancer dreams can also serve as warnings: If you suspect that you are feeling less like yourself – maybe it is time to go to the doctor and be checked just to be sure. Cancer dreams mainly have sinister meanings, where they are symbolic of adverse circumstances or problems entering your life, a loss, either physical or emotional, followed by depression and anxiety, holding negative emotions for something or someone, etc.

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