Dreaming About Dirty Toilets: Why?

Dreams can be unpleasant enough at times, but sometimes the subject matter of dreams takes a turn for the dirty – dirty toilets. Unless you’re a plumber, dirty toilets are probably not a big part of your daily routine (hopefully), so why are they cropping up in your nocturnal mind?

dreams about dirty toilets

Dreams About Dirty Toilets

When you are too busy to work on those issues, dreams like the one of the dirty toilet (see also the urine dream meaning) will manifest in your unconscious mind. That is why if you are seeing that type of toilet in a dream, it means that you have issues in your life that must be addressed. If you see a soiled toilet in the dream, it means that you need to clear your mind from unhelpful thoughts.

When you see the toilet in your dream, it means you need to release negative feelings or remove unwanted items from your everyday life. When you see a toilet in your dream, it means you need to release negative feelings or you need to get rid of useless things in your everyday life. If you try to flush a toilet in a dream, it may show that you are feeling emotions and that you want to clear up problems in life.

Filthy Toilet

Dreams of flushing toilets are usually signs that there is something or someone that you must let go of from your life because it is not serving you well. Dreams about seeing the toilet in an uncomfortable spot: If you have dreams of the toilet being in an uncomfortable place, this is usually a sign that there is going to be a big change coming to your life very soon.

Dreaming about a toilet not flushing indicates you have lost control of some part of your life. To see the toilet malfunction and fail in the dream; indicates that a particular part or function of your life is at risk.

If you cannot find a bathroom to use in the dream, this indicates something in life is making you feel stressed. A toilet-flushing dream may be a message from your spirit guide that it is time to let go of anything weighing on you. A washcloth on a toilet in the dream indicates you are going to work on letting go of negative emotions of the past. To dream about cleaning or washing a toilet; it indicates that you are working to erase any negative emotions or scars from the past.

filthy toilet dream

Toilet Symbol In Dreams

If you dream of cleaning the toilet, this means you need to clean yourself too. To dream of using the toilet to pee or defecate; indicates you are controlling your emotions and finances. To dream that the toilet is flooding means you wish you could release all of your emotions towards the person in your real life.

Dreaming about toilets that are flooded with poop means you are trying to escape from a certain person or a certain situation. As we said, most times, dreaming of bathrooms means that you need to rid yourself of negative thoughts, beliefs, and other negative things from your life. Dreaming about a toilet filled with poop or garbage, is a sign that you have a lot of negative energy or false belief systems that are impacting your life that needs to be cleared.

Broken Toilet Dream Meanings

If you dreamed that the toilet was full, and therefore unable to flush, this means you are currently in a poor relationship, or you have many false friends surrounding you. You might have repeated dreams about an overflowing toilet (I know that this month, I had that dream twice) This means you are having trouble connecting with others. If a toilet seat is lowered in your dreams, this means you are lacking courage to tackle problems in your life.

Dreaming about a bowl overflowing with water represents your current psychological state, as well as many problems that you are facing on a daily basis. Dreams that involve a toilet that is breaking down are a reflection of anxiety that you may experience in real life. Dreams about a clogged toilet can occur because of an unpleasant or toxic interaction you had with someone or with yourself.

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Toilet Bowls

Dreams about a dirty toilet can be signs from your subconscious mind that your negative mindset, or ambivalent mindset, towards some aspects or problems in your waking life is keeping you from growing up properly. Seeing a dirty toilet in the dream context of a personal relationship can be an indication that you are feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with your relationships and the effect they have on your waking life. To dream about a stinky, dirty toilet; indicates that apparently harmless complaints or negative feelings can be seriously impactful.

To dream of a dirty toilet suggests toxic thoughts, emotions, beliefs, judgements, or relationships. If you dream of a dirty bathroom, it usually means there is something toxic in your surroundings which you must remove because it is stopping you from moving forward with your life. A dirty bathroom shows you are affected by your ego and sense of self, and why it is the time in life where you get into many fights.

Unisex Bathrooms And Dirty Bathtubs

This dream is connected with our emotions, and if you see an unpleasant mess of feces in the bathroom, it indicates that one needs to consider ways of cleaning up ones life. To dream about running out of toilet paper or missing toilet paper; indicates you are not prepared to deal with the consequences of letting down your negative emotions.

There can be a variety of dreams, such as a naked toilet in the middle of a public space, a toilet which appears completely flooded or blocked, or dirty toilets with poop and urine in them, all indicating the feeling that you are helpless.

If you have dreams about being in a shared or unisex restroom, where you are using it for both genders, this is generally a bad sign. If you dreamed of cleaning an old, dirty toilet, this dream is generally an indication that you want to take care of someone, typically your children, parents, or your partner.

If you dreamed of using the toilet being exposed to the direct gaze of others, this dream usually reveals your deep-seated disappointment in the circumstances of your present life.

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