Dreaming About Breaking Up? Find Out What It Means

Breakup dreams are never pleasant, even if you wake up reassured that it is unlikely to represent a waking reality.  The end of a relationship, even a short lived one, is painful, and the end of a significant relationship can be life changing.

dreams about breaking up

Interpreting dreams about breaking up will be complex, and need you to consider you deep seated feelings about the relationships in question.

Breakup Dreams

Dreams of breaking up may represent losing interest in something in your job, someone close to you, or with the person with whom you are in a relationship. If you are dreaming of breaking up with someone you loved in the past, this indicates you still feel feelings for them, but that in real life, it is not possible for you to stay together. In other cases, dreams about breakups may indicate that you are repressed fears about the possibility that someone might abandon you (someone you loved deeply), and thus, the dream world is responding to that fear. If you are feeling no emotions at all when you have the breakup in the dream, then the dream is a strong indication that you have something to get rid of in your life, and it does not have to be a relationship.

Dreams of a breakup can often be a sign that there is something missing in your relationship with your partner, and you are deeply unsatisfied. Seeing dreams of breakups, most of the time, may be indicative of something totally outside of your love life. In dreams, having a partner break up with you indicates your relationship is growing and improving. A dream of breaking up with your significant other indicates that your relationship with the individual is stable and strong enough to move on to the next level.

Divorce Dreams

This dream could be reflecting your real desire to break up with the person because you are not happy in your relationship or no longer like them. Breaking up in the dream might indicate something is coming to an end soon, something that you are already aware of, yet do not accept.

If you are having such a dream, in which your partner breaks up with you without any reason, just trying to get over it as fast as they can, then that kind of dream is really a sign that you are going to go through a specific situation which is going to unexpectedly change your life.

Dreams about your boyfriend or girlfriend not wanting to break up with you: If you had a dream like this where your partner is unwilling to break up with you, or if they/she is begs you not to break up with them, then this kind of dream may mean that you are going to be facing some problems in the near future. These dreams are neither good nor bad signs, they are reflections on you and your life, so do not worry, this dream does not mean you are going to actually break up with a partner, certainly not if you have a partner.

divorce dream

Jealousy And Breakup Dreams

These dreams can fall either way along a spectrum: either you are breaking up with a partner, or you are on the receiving end, but either way, the question of what role jealousy has to play is an important one. In a version of this dream in which you can see that you would like to break up with someone, but do not feel brave enough to do it, whatever the cause, this type of dream means you are, in real life, a human who is extremely delicate, prone to doubts of every sort.

One of the dreams people have a lot is one in which they break up with somebody, or somebody breaks up with them, and we promise that this all means something in real life; maybe it is not as obvious meaning as you expected.  It may imply a jealousy about an existing relationship, or one you would like to have.

Subconscious Fear

Dreaming about breaking up with a partner or a spouse: If you are dreaming about telling a partner or a spouse you want to break up with them, that may be an indication that you have to let go of something, no matter how hard that may be for you; this may be something that you have a few habits you have which are not working well for you, or something else you like doing, but that you know is not working well for you, like eating too much.

Dreaming of breaking up with someone you recently started dating – If you dreamed of breaking up with someone you have only started dating a short time ago, this dream usually represents your feelings of uncertainty in a relationship and your relationship future. If you dreamed of being extremely happy because you broke up with your partner, this dream often reveals your sincere desire to end the relationship.

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A Psychic Warning?

If a dream portrays you as the lover asking his partner not to split from you, and you are willing to plead and do whatever is necessary for him to not let you be his partner, such dreams, in fact, indicate you are a weak lover and someone who enjoys being dominated, and you will have these types of dreams when you feel that you are losing ground beneath you. When you dream of having a great struggle with a lover, and choosing to stay, this may indicate you are in denial. Dreams about breaking up may come from the problems that you are having with the lover or the spouse, and that such person is READY to put an end to your relationship because of that.

In some cases, these dreams may even mean there is a third person in the picture who you are afraid may be bringing danger into your relationship. Regardless, these dreams are extremely vivid and hold hidden meanings which you overlooked within your relationships. Your dreams may be about more than something involving your partner, your subconscious is simply using your partner as the physical manifestation of this.

Dreams of your partner suggesting that you split–If you are having these kinds of dreams, where your partner is simply suggesting that you two are not working out together and you should think about breaking up, then that dream is really a sign that you are really not clicking with the other person, it might be friendship, but it might not be relationship. If a dream that you are having portrays a situation where you can see you and your partner wanting a brief break, so you can take some time to reflect on things, such a dream is definitely a positive sign.


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