Dream About Hair Loss

Loosing your hair can be disturbing, particularly if it’s unexpected. For many men, it is simply a sign they are getting older, and treading the same path of their other male forebears, but if it is unexpected or you are female, hair loss can be more disturbing. Dreaming about your hair falling out may therefore reflect a number of different things going on in your life.

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Dreams About Hair Falling Out

This kind of hair-loss dream is usually the manifestation of a stressful situation in ones daily life — the kind of situation that makes a dreamer feel as though he or she is pulling their hair. This is attributed to hair-loss dreams being symbolic of vanity, a lack of self-esteem, an uncertainty in ones own appearance, or lack of self-confidence. Dreaming about balding head from losing hair may indicate a low sense of self-esteem and a fear of growing older.

Since many people consider growing older a scary prospect, going bald or losing your hair in the dream may reflect your fears about growing older. If you lose your hair in big chunks, a dream may also be a reflection of your fear of dying, something you need to address. Such a dream may also be a reflection of loss of confidence or self-esteem, or the result of a sense of losing power, or may even reflect your upset over your ruined reputation. If in the dream, you see clumps of hair in a bathtub or a sink, this dream may be a sign of a loss of equilibrium and vitality.

Bald Man Sex Appeal

If you saw an entirely bald man in a dream, the dream may also indicate a total lack of interest in the persons feelings or consequences of some of your actions. If you dreamed of being totally bald and having completely lost all of your hair, the dream indicates your total callousness towards the feelings of others as well as your poor actions toward them. When a dream describes that your hair fell out due to potentially poisonous materials in the environment, it may indicate you have toxic people in your life — people who are causing you unnecessary stress and harm.

Sometimes, the hair-loss dream is caused by a persons fear of losing something valuable, and details from the dream may more closely depict an area the person fears potential loss. The interpretation of the dream about losing or losing hair will depend greatly on the persons feelings regarding hair, according to cultural, personal, and spiritual beliefs. Hair loss that is in fact occurring — In many cases, hair loss dreams will reflect the persons feelings of hopelessness and incredulity as a result of a persons realization of losing hair.

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Life Change And Overall Health

In other cases, peoples dreams reflect a persons fears of actual hair loss, or are the result of their shock caused by realizing they are losing hair. Some people who experience these dreams may have experienced actual loss of hair at one point or another during their wake lives, and it has caused the subconscious to think they are being cast off or brushing it off somehow. Hair loss dreams are usually not a sign you are actually losing your hair; more commonly, they are representing the desire to dispose of something undesirable.

Often, losing your hair in dreams is also associated with declining social status, or losing power, money, or even respect from people. Against this backdrop, losing your hair because of cutting it, or having it falling out of the hair, in dreams can represent giving up or losing authority and control over certain parts of your life. Just like losing hair is a normal part of life and is not always cause for worry, losing hair in dreams does not always mean something is worth worrying about.

Dream Symbols And Loss

If the barber is doing your hair, cutting off large amounts or your hair is long, the dream may mean loss of power or freedom, but it may also indicate unwanted changes in your life. For people who put importance in their hair, dreams of them may strongly suggest a possible problem in life, such as feeling like they are losing their power, or having to redefine ones individual identity. Dreams of cutting ones hair may represent the desire to free themselves of the expectations and conformity they have lived with for years. As we mentioned, dreams of losing hair may represent an individuals sense of self-worth, an issue they have with vanity, or the sense they are being judged by others.

A dream about losing hair may be caused by a persons fears and worries about growing older, and a persons inability to accept this fact as normal. Dreams about someones hair falling away suggest ennui in life, poor mental or physical health, or the psychological decline of a loved one. Dreams that involve falling hair are usually portents of negative feelings about growing older, or coming to terms with accepting ones own age.

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Beauty, Less Hair And Night Terrors

While beauty has nothing to do with hair length, dreams about going bald may indicate low self-esteem in ones waking life. While not a reason as prevalent as, say, feeling like you are losing control of your life, losing hair in a dream could represent a different kind of loss, and that as of your confidence and/or sense of beauty.

Hair is generally considered to be a symbol of strength and power, and losing your hair in a dream is symbolic of the loss of power the individual fears to experience. Hair is also symbolically associated with the persons energy, and the dream may represent that the person has lost energy. Losing hair is not something which can easily be prevented or stopped entirely, and a person usually feels powerless in such situations; this is why, this dream scenario is used by our subconscious mind to portray situations in which we have no control of circumstances. Stress and hair loss go hand-in-hand, and if you are experiencing it in your walking life, then your dreams are implying something bigger.

The dream is the message that you need to accept some uncomfortable, degrading situations and move on from them as you definitely cannot change things. However, a dream may also indicate problems you need to address right away, to say, remove toxic people from your circles.

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