Demon Dream Meaning


One of the most frightening thoughts that we can have is that we never really know what our dreams are going to entail. Some people dream about ponies and rainbows, yet some others have much more sinister visions while they sleep.

Dreaming about demons can be incredibly frightening, particularly if you’ve never experienced it before. 

Although dreams can be woken from and often escape our minds before we have a chance to think about it properly, some stick with us and make us afraid to fall back asleep. Dreaming about demons is a great example of this. 

If you’ve found our article, chances are that you’ve encountered one of these hellish nightmares and want to know why your brain would play such a cruel trick on you. Well, the good news is that you’re not alone.

Lots of people dream about demons and feel the way you are at this current moment. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about what it means when you dream about demons – if anything at all. 

The meaning behind the nightmare

Demons are known to be evil beings that make your life a living hell. We’ve all seen Paranormal Activity and alike films, and we all know that a demon is the last thing we want to come into contact with. So, why do so many people dream about them? 

Don’t panic – a demon in a dream doesn’t necessarily mean that a demon is after you and getting ready to possess you. Many people interpret the demon as themselves trying to communicate with them. 

Demons are seen as jealous, manipulative entities that enjoy tormenting people and do so for kicks and giggles. If you’ve seen a demon in your dream, it might be that you’re seeing the ‘evil’ side of you.

Conflicting decisions

You’ll often find that you consider yourself the ‘good’ version of yourself, and this can translate into your dreams as well. If you have a big decision coming up that you’re torn between the right and wrong way of doing things, demons can appear in your dreams to offer you an argumentative solution. 

Think about it in the sense of the angel and the devil – one telling you to do the right thing, and the other convincing you that the bad way is best. In your dream, you will act as the angel while the demon acts like the devil. 

Your demon-inspired dream could offer you a new sense of clarity that you didn’t have before falling asleep. While the demon is scary and undesirable, it could help you reach a consensus that you’ve been battling with for so long in your head. 

Addiction and temptation

Let’s stick with the thought that the demon represents the devil. The devil often tries to get you to do the wrong thing, which can be harmful to you or those around you. The demon might represent something that you’re struggling to stay away from that is bad for you. 

You might not want to fall into temptation while you’re awake, but the demon in your dream says otherwise. The dream demon might be a visual representation of the inner demons that live within us, and you can use the dream as an opportunity to give in to the inner demons or to fight with them. 

Fighting your inner demons in your dream can be very cathartic once you wake up. You’ll have a new sense of clarity and determination to battle the demons inside your head. Visually seeing the demon can also wake you up to something that you didn’t even know was there in the first place. 

Once you’ve become aware of the inner demons that you’re battling with, it becomes much easier to tackle them and overcome the challenges that they bring. The demon in your dream might not be real, but what it represents is. 

You won’t be able to move forward in life if you’re stuck behind the demon inside. Work to overcome this fear, worry, or addiction and you’ll benefit greatly from it. 

What is the demon doing in your dream?

Demons often represent hardships or worries in your life, but determining what the demon is doing can help you to further interpret your dream. Below are just a few examples of what the demon could be doing in your dream and what it could mean for you. 

The demon does nothing

If your dream is merely of a demon standing before you, doing nothing of any interest, it might be representing your guilt or fears over something. What you do about this demon is up to you – you can run from it or tackle it head-on. Believe it or not, these dreams can be empowering. 

The demon possesses you

Possession means that something takes over your body and leaves you with no control. This might symbolize that your fears are taking over your inhibitions and your life. You might be feeling helpless and like you’re losing the battle against your inner demons. 

The dream might be the last attempt for your brain to take back control of your life before the inner demon consumes you completely. Don’t give up and work hard to overcome these battles. 

You are fighting the demon

Fighting the demon means that you’re actively working to better yourself and rise above the inner demons, such as fear or worry. The visual representation of you fighting the demon could give you another push to keep going and defeat the demon once and for all. 

Defeating the demon in your dream could give you the satisfaction of leaving the battle behind. This dream could represent you closing the door on that chapter of your life. 

The demon chases you

If a demon chases you, you might be worried that the inner feelings are catching up to you and getting ready to overpower your life again. It could mean that you’re feeling anxious about the inner demons and want to get away from them. Unfortunately, the only way to stop this anxiety is to stop running and face the demon head-on.

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