Clouds Dream Meaning

Clouds Dream Meaning

Dreams are still a big mystery to us, so it makes sense for us to be fascinated by how weird they can be, and by whether we can remember them or not, depending on the night.

Although there is no actual proof that dreams can hold meanings, they are the images of our unconscious, and therefore could be linked to the most inner parts of ourselves. 

Figuring out what your dream means can be a tricky process, as you can interpret the same thing in an infinity of different ways.

But what you can do is learn what the different symbols most often mean, linking them together to form a theme or some sort of a coherent message.

If you’ve been dreaming about clouds, you might be wondering what they signify and what they are most commonly linked to. So let’s break that down.

Clouds, in real life, are often linked to the notion of dreaming. And there are many phrases such as “get your head out of the clouds” that imply that clouds are a realm of fantasy and dreams, far from real life.

However, when you’re in that realm of dreams and you see clouds, they actually signify your self-consciousness. So, essentially, in the dream world, clouds are a sign of what you feel in the real world.

Most commonly, they can represent your moods, showing up in different forms according to how you’re feeling when you’re awake. Kind of like the weather report of your feelings, if that makes sense. 

Clouds can also signify different hopes and dreams that you might have, as well as representing things in your life that you need or that are lacking, and that you are, therefore “dreaming” of.

In this sense, the clouds would be accompanied by other images, and they would be a tell-tale sign that the dream is a fulfillment fantasy that your mind has created, thinking up all the different things that you want or need in real life. 

However, in the same way, that they can signify good things, they can also signify bad. Clouds can bring storms and bad weather, and if they get big and dark within a dream, it might mean that bad things are coming your way.

However, because clouds are so often linked with the emotional side of things, it might mean that bad things are coming for you in an emotional sense.

For example, it might be a warning that you’re going to be worrying about something or feeling heavily anxious. 

Usually, when you dream of clouds, it means that you are going through some sort of emotional transition and that your more prominent moods are changing due to specific things happening to you in real life.

Dream meanings are vague and can be interpreted in many ways, but here are the common meanings for specific cloud images you might see in your dreams: 


Blue Sky with White Clouds Passing By

In a dream, a blue sky with a few white clouds passing by can signify that things are easy and calm in life for the time being, and good things seem to be coming your way. 

Clouded Peaceful Sky

A sky that is completely covered in calm, white clouds, means that you are happy.

It can signify that you are at a stable and positive point in your life and that you’re happy with things remaining as they are because you are content. 

Clouds Clearing Into Sunlight

Clouds clearing away and making way for sunlight can mean different things. On one side, it can signify the end of a rough time period or the end of a certain big worry or problem that you were having in life.

And now that it is at an end, good things can come once more, or at the very least, some sort of inner peace from having gotten through the bad.

 On the other side, it could signify a reveal within yourself. For example, it could mean that you’ve figured out something about yourself, or that you have finally comprehended an aspect of your inner self, be it a purpose or a goal or a dream.

It could also mean that you’ve discovered or unlocked a belief or your faith in something and that the truth is finally shining through all of the doubt. 

Clouds Chasing You

Clouds chasing you dream

If you dream that a cloud is chasing you, or you feel fear because of a threatening big and dark cloud, it could be a warning that something bad is coming your way.

It could be something that you already know is going to happen, and that you are scared of dealing with because it seems like a very big problem or issue and you’re not sure how to get around it.

Although this seems like a pretty bad dream that is essentially a foreboding of bad things, many people find that this dream can actually signify strength in the face of adversity.

It means that you should stay positive when this bad cloud comes and that you should stop running from it because you are more than capable of dealing with it, even though it might not seem as such in the dream.

Dark Clouds

Dark clouds, unsurprisingly, mean that things aren’t going well in life for you at the moment. They are often an indicator that your moods have been low, and that you’re dealing with a lot of anger, sadness, or depression.

They could also signify an ongoing conflict that is unsettling the balance of your life, and that is stopping you from being happy. 

Thunderstorm Clouds

Thunderstorm clouds are a very aggressive image, and they can signify the way that you are dealing with a certain situation. They represent you and your reactions, meaning that you’re not dealing very well with certain problems from real life.

They could also indicate that someone close to you is feeling emotionally trapped and that you can’t see or aren’t aware of it because you’re either causing it, or you’re too caught up in dealing with something else to notice. 

Cloud With A Rainbow

clouds with rainbow

In Celtic mythology, a rainbow always signifies luck, and there is always a pot of gold at the end of it, to be found by a lucky person. If you dream of a cloud that has a rainbow, this is a very good sign.

It will likely mean that material goods are coming your way, or that luck is going to swing in your favor for a time, and things will therefore work out well for you in many different aspects of life. 

Whatever image of clouds you get in your dreams, the most important thing to remember is that they are first and foremost linked to your emotional state and that they will likely be a mood indicator or a sign of your inner hopes, dreams, and worries. 

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