Car Accident Dream Meaning

Dreaming about being in a car accident can be one of the most realistic and frightening experiences you’ve ever had. But, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Millions of dreamers every year find themselves in car accidents in the dream world, waking up and scratching their heads, wondering about the deeper significance.

However, our brain interprets things very strangely in the dream landscape. A car crash dream certainly isn’t a premonition, more than likely it’s an aspect of your life in which you feel a lack of control.

Car journeys are often symbols of our everyday lives and a car crash dream could be the representation of something in work that you feel is getting out-of-hand.

But what is the wider significance of a car accident dream? What relation does it have with your life? Is there a surefire way of processing this dream to prevent it from recurring?

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself

Okay, before we explore the wider cultural interpretations of a car crash dream, it might be worth taking a pen and paper and noting down some of the particulars of this dream drive, as they may give you some clues as to why you’ve experienced it.

  • How many people were in the car with you?
  • Were you driving the car? If not, who was?
  • What type of vehicle were you driving?
  • Was there a predominant feeling or mood to the dream?
  • What is the weather like outside the car?
  • Is the road slippery or wet?

By isolating these particular details, you might be able to relate it more to the events, people and feelings going on currently in your waking life.

Aside from the traditional associations, there will always be associations that are particular to you, so it is important to factor in your own particular context when interpreting dreams.

Dreams About Driving In A Car Accident

What is the most important aspect of driving a car? That’s right: control.

First off, we’ll discuss the most obvious, most literal interpretation of the dream, that is, you might simply be anxious about starting driving lessons. If you are new to the business of driving, you might have residual fears around losing control of the wheel.

This is extremely common for those newbie drivers, it’s just a matter of getting more confidence behind the wheel.

However, there might be a more abstract sense of losing control involved in your dream. Cars are associated with family life and work, and crashing a car could be a sign that things are moving far too fast in one of these areas of your life.

Make a list of some of the stressors in your life and try to connect them with some of the feelings that might come up in the dream.

Dreams About Being A Passenger In A Car Accident

Being a passenger could be associated with feelings of passivity, a lack of control and inertia in your waking life.

If you are a passenger, you might feel that you’ve lost your sense of self, your grip on your own life.

Having very honest and frank discussions with yourself while conscious might help you isolate some of the problems regarding control and will help you address, resolve and hopefully move on from these dreams.

Dreams About People You Know Being In A Car Accident

Witnessing people you know being involved in an accident could mean that you have some sense that you cannot control the decisions of others and feel anxiety about this. You might have a keen awareness of the consequences of other people’s actions.

If the person in the car crash is a loved one or family member, this could be an indication that your relationship with this person is changing and you are having a hard time adjusting.

If strangers are hurt in this car accident, that could be a sign that you do not agree with other perspectives on your situation and wish they would be quiet.

Dreams About Drunk Driving

These dreams have some sense of specificity to them. The addition of alcohol could be the result of anxiety surrounding substance misuse and the lack of control you over that.

Dreams about drunk driving might also be a specific recollection of you or someone you know being involved in a drunk driving accident. Some people will have recurring dreams about this as a way of processing the trauma that results from such a violent incident.

Traditional Symbolic Meanings Of Car Accident Dreams

We have only discussed a few of the interpretations surrounding car accident dreams. However, it might help you to consider the broader feelings and associations that underpin them.

Feelings Of Regret

A car crash could be the embodiment of something that you feel you have wrecked in your life. If you emerge from the wreck of a car crash unscathed but with overwhelming feelings of regret, this could be a hangover from some regrets you have in the waking world.

Career Aspirations

Driving is often associated with work or the determination that comes with attaining career prospects. If you feel like you are veering off your path in your career, then this could easily be manifesting itself in the dream world before you even recognize it in the waking world.

This could also be representative of a career avenue that you feel could be disastrous or has been disastrous or even an opportunity that has been utterly ruined by you or your environment.


Romantic relationships can often feel like a car crash and could take a literal representation as such in your dreams. Try communicating these feelings with your partner, even relating the dream to them, and see if any of the attached feelings resonate with them too.

Friendships and familial relationships can also be difficult to control at certain points in your life. If some of the passengers or the drivers of the car represent family members, then you could be associating them with a feeling of having undue power over you and a lack of control in your everyday life.

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