Alien or UFO Dream Meanings

Dreaming of aliens and UFOs may mean you stayed up too late last night watching Area 51 conspiracy videos.

Or it may be something more complex than that. Dreaming of aliens or UFOs can often mean that you have unprocessed feelings that you need to deal with. 

Understanding why some images appear to you in dreams can help you to understand yourself more as a person.

There are many positive outcomes to interpreting your dreams. For this reason, we have put together this guide about what it means when you’re dreaming of aliens or UFOs. 

Dreaming of Aliens

Dreaming of aliens and dreaming of UFOs can mean different things, we’re going to start by exploring alien based dreams. 

You feel like an outsider 

Images of aliens often creep into our dreams when we are feeling like outsiders. This association is often linked to the idea of aliens representing the other, or things that don’t belong. 

Often we see aliens portrayed as unwanted spies in our society. It is not uncommon for us to feel like this when we join a new social group – be it at work, home, or if we join a new group online. 

This feeling of inadequacy often leads to dreams of aliens. These types of dreams are often seen as your brain encouraging you to get more involved in the group or to at least share your feelings about being an outsider.  

Encountering an unknown element of yourself 

This is a slightly more complicated dream and will require you to recall as much of it as you can, followed by a small amount of self reflection. 

Dreaming of aliens is common when you begin to encounter a formerly unknown part of your psyche. Many events in your life can cause a different element of your consciousness to come to the forefront of your mind. For example, trauma can cause paranoia or anxiety to rise. 

This development can cause tension in the body and the mind as our natural urge is to see this new element as an enemy or as hostile (which they sometimes can be). 

When having this type of alien dream the most important thing you can do is to get to know and understand this new part of yourself. Take the time to reflect on each character you met in the dream and think about which part of you they could have represented. 

This new element of yourself will often supply something new and good in your life. It is important to take the time to allow it to change its role from alien to ally. When you have done this you will no longer be at odds with yourself.  

Outside influences threaten your plans/dreams 

If you dream that you are fighting aliens this often means that your brain is concerned about outside forces entering your life and disrupting your dreams or plans. 

You have a large amount of subconscious worry if you are having dreams like this, and it is best to deal with it as soon as you can. Look for hints to your problems in the location you are in – remembering dreams have multiple layers.

For example, fighting aliens in Paris may not mean you will never visit Paris, instead, look up what dreaming about Paris may mean.  

Dreaming of UFOs

Now let’s move onto the meanings of UFO dreams. 

Entering the unfamiliar territory 

It is not uncommon for us to dream of UFOs when we are starting a new part of our lives. Particularly when we have no previous experience of it. The U in UFO literally means unidentified. When our brain is struggling to rationalize what we’re about to have stress builds up. 

[UFOs in the sky are not to be confused with spotting commits among the stars, which means the next period of your life is likely to be difficult. UFOs are a more neutral symbol.] 

This stress can often manifest itself as UFOs appearing to us in our dreams. UFOs do not necessarily mean fear, they more often represent apprehension or frustration with a lack of foreknowledge.  

In situations that trigger dreams about UFOs, you should listen to your gut feelings and try to avoid outside interference on the matter. 

Upcoming or Unforgiven Betrayal 

Dreaming of UFO abductions is a really interesting dream, of you’re not having it yourself. 

Sadly, dreaming of UFO abductions often means you are in emotional pain or sense it coming. These dreams revolve around the feeling of betrayal. Two versions of betrayal can cause these types of dreams to manifest; unforgiven betrayal or upcoming betrayal. 

We often have a gut feeling about someone when we first meet them, often it goes ignored. Dreaming of being abducted by a UFO can mean that your mind feels betrayal is inevitable or imminent. This kind of dread can linger under the surface, suppressed by our rationality. 

Sometimes these warnings can save us a lot of pain but that is not always the case. However, it is nice to have a warning. 

The second trigger for abduction dreams is unforgiven betrayal. Often, we do not allow ourselves to fully grieve a betrayal before we move on or attempt to forgive. This can cause a lot of subconscious tension.

Receiving a UFO abduction dream can often be a hint from our mind to explore these feelings more deeply. It may be that you have tried to force forgiveness too soon, or it something that you need to do to move on. 

You will most likely be aware of what the dream is referring to. However, if you are not, make note of where you were abducted from as that will often open your eyes.  

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