Alcohol Dream Interpretation Meaning

Alcohol can be a great addition to a party, celebration, or occasion. It can help to improve the atmosphere, provide confidence, and lower inhibitions.

If you come across alcohol in your dream, whether it’s just in discussion or actual consumption, it could have an alternative meaning.

However, not every dream involving alcohol is necessarily joyful and they could represent more negative things.

Alcohol Dream Interpretation Meaning

As alcohol is a depressant, not every interpretation of alcohol-related dreams can be considered positive.

For those who have drinking problems or those who struggle with alcohol, dreams involving the substance could have a worrying meaning. 

In this article, we will explore the different possible meanings and interpretations of dreaming about alcohol.

The type of alcohol you drink, who is drinking, where you are, and how you feel are all important factors to consider when trying to extract meaning from your alcohol-related dream. 

Drinking alcohol casually with friends 

Your dream may be as simple as hanging out and having a few beers with your friends. Fortunately, this sort of dream isn’t anything you need to worry about.

Drinking responsibly with friends implies shared happiness and joy that can be a sign of strong and reliable friendships.

There may also be some upcoming good news coming to you or your circle of friends. This could be as simple as a business breakthrough, or it could even signify an upcoming celebration where you will all be present. 

If you dream about casual drinking with friends, try to think back and remember who you were drinking with. Who was the host of the party?

The host can often be the bringer of good news or the receiver of good news. As a sort of rule of thumb, if your alcohol dream features positive energy and jovial vibes, it’s unlikely that it represents anything bad.

You can tell a lot about what a dream means from the way it makes you feel.

Did you wake up feeling happy that you got to celebrate with your friends? Then there’s probably nothing to worry about as the energy is positive. 

Drinking alcohol in moderation

Regardless of whether you’re alone in your dream, with a close friend, or at a bustling party, any dreams that include drinking alcohol in moderation usually signify positive feelings and events.

For example, if in your dream you had a couple of alcoholic beverages over dinner, this may represent a certain element of success and satisfaction in your life.

Alcohol is often a symbol of celebration, as many adults celebrate life events and milestones by drinking it.

If you or someone else in your dream is drinking alcohol in moderation, it’s likely that said person is content and comfortable; this could be financially, or otherwise. 

Drinking alcohol in excess

If you’re guilty of drinking excessively in real life at least once, you’ll probably be familiar with the consequences; an upset stomach, a pounding headache, and an unsettling feeling of dread.

Unfortunately, the consequences of experiencing excessive alcohol drinking in a dream aren’t much better.

If you find that you’re particularly intoxicated in a dream, it is a sign that there is a habit in your life that is causing you problems or will soon cause you problems.

Dreams like this can foreshadow possible future events. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem is with alcohol, though.

Check your habits, even the small ones, and evaluate which could lead to danger in the future. Just like alcohol, this habit can have the power to cause ruin.

This is all about excesses- sticking to things in moderation could keep dreams like this at bay.

Alcohol Dream in Excess

Vomiting due to alcohol consumption in a dream is also something to look out for, but it doesn’t have the same meaning as drinking excessively in your dream.

Vomiting after drinking alcohol can suggest that your body and mind is rejecting fake narratives and false advice given to you by others.

Someone in your life may have been feeding you and trying to push their personal views on you. These thoughts and beliefs may have made you feel good for a little while.

However, this sort of dream suggests that you are now realizing this and becoming more aware, which will result in you pushing the negativity away.

Just like being drunk in real life puts you at a physical disadvantage, so does being too drunk in your dream. Drunkness in a dream can act as an underlying warning of problems to come. 

What kind of alcohol did you dream about?

With the wide variety of alcoholic beverages available on the market today, it’s no wonder that they can’t all be pushed into the same meaning category when it comes to dreaming about it.

Dreaming of different types of alcohol can mean different things. Here’s some of the most popular:


If you’ve recently dreamed of beer, there’s probably not much to worry about. Beer is often associated with relaxing and enjoying time with others.

However, drinking too much beer can have negative effects on your health and relationships. If you have a dream about beer, it is possible you need to find a healthy balance between work and fun.


Dreaming about wine can often mean that there is a period of calmness up ahead and that you will find peace soon.

If you’re dreaming about red wine, in particular, it could signify that the drinker is about to explore their personal desires and wishes.

Wine in a dream is pretty much always a positive sign. The wine typically relates to festivity, celebration, satisfaction, and success.

Whisky, gin, and other spirits

If your dream involves whisky, it can often relate to a deep desire to escape current reality. It usually means that the dreamer is a big fan of drinking alcohol, too.

If you’re consuming it at a bar, it signifies the making of new happy memories. However, if you find yourself drinking hard liquor alone, it could mean that you’re unhappy with recent decisions you’ve made in your life.

Dreaming of other hard liquors such as vodka can have a different meaning. The presence of vodka in a dream represents a decision you’re thinking of making.

For example, if you’re thinking about quitting your job or leaving your partner, now probably isn’t a good time. 

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