Dreaming is something that has fascinated me for years.  From the feeling of entering other worlds each night, to the possibilities opened up through lucid dreaming or the insights gained in dream analysis, dreaming seems like a divine gift.

The Beginning

DepthDreaming.com started as an idea in 2018, launched around 2019, and is dedicated to the pursuit and exploration of dreaming, with the insights and myriad other benefits that this study can bring.  I have, with the help of many others, sought to bring you the best information in dreaming from a range of different angles.

One area we’ve sought to help in, is sourcing and offering classic texts on dreaming, which are available for you to read on this site.  These can be quite laborious to prepare for reading, depending of the quality of the text available, but this list will grow over time.  I’ve started the focus on giants of the field of dream analysis, those who can certainly put the ‘deep’ in DepthDreaming.com, such as Freud and Jung, but will expand it ever further over time.

Another area I’ve found a lot of people are looking for is the dream dictionary, but I have a few reservations on how these should be used.  I’ll post an article on this in the near future, as these ‘dictionaries’ need to be understood correctly.

The Team

Currently the team is headed by me, Simon, with contributing writers based around the world.  As the website grows, we hope to expand further, so if you’re a dream enthusiast, please check back frequently – we made need you 🙂

We hope you find everything you’re looking for.