What Does A Dream About Lizards Mean?

Lizards are a less common dream symbol, but when they appear they remain worth your deep consideration.

lizard dream meaning

If, for example, in your dream the lizards were mating, then you should be careful in the future, as someone may attack you. As the dream indicates, a lizard that has entered your body may mean that someone will try to take advantage of you by approaching or gaining your trust.  

Lizard Dream Symbolism

As we explained in other articles, the lizard itself can also be related to enemies, so you will protect yourself from someone with a cold heart. The old interpretation of this dream says that the lizard means that you will have to deal with nice people, while a more recent interpretation suggests that the lizard could mean treason ahead of time. As we identified earlier in this interpretation of the dream, the lizard itself can also be associated with enemies, you will be defending yourself from someone with a cold heart. 

The meaning of a dream about lizards can be a harbinger of future troubles, as well as evidence that you will soon see the appearance of hidden enemies. Lizards may dream of seeing a cruel, ruthless, cold-blooded and insensitive person. Seeing lizards in your dream is a warning message from your subconscious that your life may be in danger because of an enemy, you may have a confrontation with an opponent, or you may be on the verge of a competition.    

lizard dream

Lizard Dream Variations

If in a dream you see a huge lizard chasing you, this may be due to possible complications that will affect your family life. If you kill a huge lizard that visited your dream, this may indicate that you will encounter a situation or person who will have a devastating effect on your life in the future. 

You are worried, but you should not be afraid to see a huge lizard, as the symbolism of danger may suggest that there will be problems in communication and even possible people that can undermine your trust. When you see this type of lizard in your dream, it could be a sign of your current great love life or that a great love life is about to happen to you.

Seeing a purple lizard in a dream is a warning sign of an upcoming event that could affect your reputation. Seeing a lizard that changes color in a dream is a warning sign, as it may mean that someone will try to damage your reputation. To dream of a lizard is a sign that you are avoiding recklessness in things that could potentially harm others or even yourself. Seeing a lizard in a dream means that you may lose loved ones and those who are ready to help if you do not change your behaviour and attitude.   

Seeing small lizards in a dream is a dream that indicates the onset of sudden changes in your life in the next few days, but they will not bring you anything of value. If you dream of a giant or large lizard, it means that soon significant changes will take place in our lives that will provide us with great wisdom and abundance. Dreaming about lizards or other reptiles is proof that you will soon be planning new things in your life and you need to make sure you are also considering other possibilities.

To dream of a lizard eating a snake, frog, or animal may mean that you are trying to find an emotional connection in your life.

lizard dream symbolism

Lizard Dreams And Basic Instincts

To dream of a single lizard signifies your basic instincts and reactions to sex, as well as your concern about your basic instincts. The lizard as a totem animal in ancient dream books is associated with calmness, a collective nurse, and most importantly, with a possible attack by your enemies in reality. According to an ancient dream dictionary, lizards are associated with calmness, unity and the attack of enemies. The Egyptians associate lizards with abundance, while Christians associate lizards with impurity and evil. 

Lizards are reptiles that regularly shed their skin, which can also signify a rebirth or renewal in your life. Lizards in a dream – an idea that they will see changes in your friendship, like cold-blooded lizards; so you will meet someone of a cold nature.

Seeing a lizard in your dream may indicate that with great power you will be able to explore new ways of getting closer to those around you. If you see a lizard in your dream, it means that with great power you will be able to discover new ways to approach people with fresh and new ideas. If your dream is about a lizard crawling across the floor when you put your palms together and grab the creature, this may indicate that you will have good relationships with other people in the future. Sometimes a dream about a crawling lizard can mean a warning to avoid sexual contact with people you don’t know well – always a good idea regardless :). 

lizard dream meaning

Lizards As A Totem

When you have dreams like this, it also shows that you need to be more vigilant about the people in your life and their intentions. Your dreams often herald the end of a difficult period in your life and the beginning of a period of joy and peace. If you are going through difficult times, this dream is a signal that everything will be fine. Dreams are omens from the universe, work towards your current relationship or you may lose your lover.

The vision can also be a warning sign that you need to develop your current romantic relationship. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, Vision may be a sign that your suspicions are justified. This dream is quite common, seeing a lizard fall on your body or fall on your torso is extremely common. 

If you kill a giant lizard that visits your dreams, it could herald devastating consequences for your future life. If you dream of a biting lizard, you need to be careful in real life, because shady and cunning people can hurt your personal life.

Seeing a crawling lizard in a dream may indicate that in the near future there will be some form of a cold that another person will manifest. Seeing baby lizards in a dream means that some people or colleagues will appear who will tell you that in the future they may cause difficulties with work. 

To dream of cutting off a lizard’s tail means that you will make certain decisions in life that will lead to negative results in your life. A black lizard could mean that there is a dark side to your life, while a green lizard could mean that new things are coming into your life. You may dream of a rainbow lizard or a neon yellow lizard which means different things depending on the color. A blue lizard in a dream means that peace will soon enter your life, a red lizard indicates a great passion for your work, and an orange lizard indicates that you will triumph over all obstacles in your life

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